Burning Crusade Classic players have already reached max level

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The Dark Portal to Outland opened on June 2 at 1:00 am ET, but many players from one of the world’s best raiding guilds, World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic, have already reached the maximum level 70.

According to Wowhead, a five-member group of the Progress guild have won the Burning Crusade Classic Level 70 Trailblazer title, with Hacez reaching the milestone first. The total time to reach the maximum level was about 13 hours.

To complete the result, users saved up quests up to level 60, and then immediately turned them in after starting Burning Crusade Classic in order to quickly gain experience. Then they spent hours farming dungeons, which was the main way to get XP. Also, after clearing the dungeons and obtaining the required equipment, the guild plans to immediately start conquering raids for 10 and 25 people.

It is worth noting that such feats are nothing new for the Progress clan. Previously, she completed the last and most difficult raid in WoW Classic in record time, and won several other titles as well.

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