Combat Master may replace Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Combat Master has been released on smartphones. It is an online shooter with great graphics and no auto-aiming.

Combat Master is a mobile shooter that ditches casual elements like Call of Duty Mobile. The description says that the developers have abandoned auto-firing and auto-aiming. We are promised no loot boxes, no ads, no daily updates and no hard donation. The interface and controls can be customized for yourself, plus there is an offline mode.

Combat Master maps offer vertical gameplay as well as close and long range combat. Also, the developers have allocated regional servers with low latency. The main mode in this game is team deathmatch. Before starting, you can choose a skin for the operative and a body kit.

The disadvantages include unrealistic shooting sounds and endless running stamina. In this case, you can parkour, do tackles and throw knives. Those who have played say that this project is sometimes even better than CoD: Mobile, but you can add the “friends” function and a map with the royal battle.

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