Deathloop Review – Plot, Gameplay & Interesting Mechanics

Deathloop Review Plot Gameplay Interesting Mechanics Fortnite Season 9 Weekly Challenges

What happens when you mix Dishonored stealth, add some crazy action-packed shooting fun and weave it all into a closed-loop time-loop? We’ll get the first person shooter Deathloop. This project from Arkane Studios received the highest marks from various publications and we also played this game in order to add our opinion.

The plot of Deathloop is tied to a rather interesting concept – all the inhabitants of Black Reef Island, including our hero under the name Colt, fell into a time loop, and if you die, you start the day from the beginning – a kind of groundhog day. The main character tries to break the loop so that life goes on in the same rhythm, but many residents disagree with him, especially the antagonist Julianne. She clearly does not share the worldview of our “gg” and whenever Colt tries to fulfill his mission, she tries to kill him. And you know, she’s good at it.

Deathloop is a game of the immersive sim genre, so you have to carefully explore the locations (of which there are four) in order to obtain various data, notes and other information about what is happening, and about individual key personalities. All the collected holds will be needed in order to understand exactly how we can break the loop. By the way, if you want to know more, then do not kill opponents right away, because their dialogues with each other are often very useful.

As stated earlier, Black Reef is divided into four areas: Complex, Downtown, Charles Bay and Fristad Rock. Most interestingly, each of these zones needs to be explored at different times of the day. Depending on the time, you will meet other opponents with different dialogues, as well as some paths that are inaccessible in the morning, open at night, and so on.

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Black reef

As with other projects from Arkane, the style of gameplay depends only on your personal preference. Deathloop allows you to steal through levels, hiding in the shadows and carefully destroying opponents who have sailed to the island for eternal life in a loop. Or you can just take and arrange a real massacre, shooting enemies left and right as in some kind of action movie of the 90s.

There is also another interesting way for those who do not want to get their hands covered in blood – hacking turrets and other enemy equipment, which itself will do all the dirty work for you. Also, all of the above can be combined if you like.

Deathloop has a fairly wide arsenal of weapons, skills, various modifiers and auxiliary equipment. Each cannon can have a different level of rarity, and if you are lucky enough to knock out the purple one, then it will be endowed with certain properties. The most interesting thing is that all these properties drop out randomly, so, most likely, you will have to search for a long time for something that suits your style perfectly. By the way, the weapon is divided into four colors: gray, blue, purple and gold. We recommend not to forget that before completing a certain task, you will lose all weapons immediately after death.

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Skills that are classic in the understanding of the player are here called ingots. There are not so many skills themselves, but each has different modifiers that change properties and make them more powerful. For stealth, the “Plexus” is perfect, which connects the selected opponents, and having shot one in the head, everyone will die at once. If you want to ruthlessly destroy everything around, then the “Affect” ingot is suitable for this. When using it, the Colt deals much more damage, but he himself does not receive it at all – instead of health, energy is taken away. And of course, in order to avoid spoilers, we will not talk about the action of each of the ingots.

Deathloop Review Plot Gameplay Interesting Mechanics Fortnite Season 9 Weekly Challenges

The same modifiers mentioned above are “Keyfobs”. These are artifacts that endow your weapon or character with special abilities and power-ups. You can decrease the recoil or increase the magazine for your guns, and also add health to the Colt, or for example, give him the ability to double jump. In addition, modifiers have different quality levels, on which their effectiveness depends.

Among the cool features, Colt has a number of interesting items that make the gameplay even more varied. For example, the Burglar device, which looks more like a walkie-talkie, can open doors and even hack enemy turrets. Imagine the situation. The inhabitants of the Black Reef have a “wild party”, but for some reason there is a working turret near them. What to do? Just hack it and start a bloodbath. Also, our hero has a special item that gives three lives instead of one – when Colt dies, he rolls back a minute and can take revenge on the offenders.

At the very beginning of the review, we mentioned the name Julianne, who plays an important role in Deathloop. While exploring locations, she can invade your world and try to hinder your progress. But it’s not so bad when she appears in the form of a bot. If you are playing online, then a player in the form of Julianne can join in this way, who will clearly be more inventive than just “non-writing”. She can raise the alarm, attack you from the most unpredictable places, so you always need to be on the lookout. Remember that Colt has three lives, and if Julie kills him, then rolling back a minute you will know its approximate location in order to take revenge and continue to plow the expanses of the Black Reef.

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As a result, I would like to add that the very idea of ​​presenting the plot resembles more detective games, where you yourself need to look for all sorts of notes, clues and the like, for a complete understanding of “what the hell is going on here.” Therefore, in Deathloop you have to carefully explore every corner to get at least some grain of information. I was also pleased with the variability of moving around the location and destroying opponents. Yes, it may not look as impressive as in Dishonored, but it is very pleasant to play.

There is, however, a downside to this narrative. In the first hours, you may not understand what is happening, who Julianne is, why she is after you, and much more. There are no cutscenes as such, where the player will chew all the information and put it in his mouth. Also, at first, the shooting seems a bit “wooden” and you get used to it for a long time.

In general, the experience was quite pleasant and the ability to play the way you want is really captivating. And this concludes our review. Write in the comments if you liked the game and, if so, how. We wish you to get out of the time loop as soon as possible!

Rating: ★★★★ ☆

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