Detailed demo of the Holoroth map from the upcoming patch for Naraka: Bladepoint

The authors of Naraka: Bladepoint Battle Royale have unveiled a new gameplay trailer showing the Holoroth location from the upcoming update. A cinematic and a small look at the innovations were previously presented with this map, but right now we can assess its real dangers. The main feature of Holoroth is the mechanics of interaction with the location itself, namely a variety of traps: ice blocks, traps, test corridors and much more.

In addition to traps, players will encounter new PvE opponents. Recall that with him in Naraka: Bladepoint there will be a new mode, the healer Ziping Yin and the celebration of the anniversary will begin. This Naraka: Bladepoint update promises to be one of the biggest in recent memory.

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT | Holoroth Map Interactions Showcase

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