Details of the server transfer to New World

Amazon Games has shared the details of the server change feature in MMORPG New World. The developers told how the process will take place, what will be preserved during the transfer and what will have to be said goodbye to. Below you will find all the details of this function.

How to transfer a character to another server in New World

  • Log into the game from your character you want to transfer.
  • Go to the in-game store, where there will be a new tab for a free Character Transfer Token.
  • You must leave your Company.
  • You need to delete all active buy and sell orders in the Trading Post.
  • Your character must be in a safe place (for example, in a settlement or an outpost).

What will remain after the transfer

  • All character progress (level, weapon possession, titles, etc.).
  • Faction alliance and progress.
  • Inventory and storage.
  • Currency.
  • Homes and home decorations.
  • All progress in completing quests.

What will not carry over with the character

  • You must leave the Company before transferring as it is not transferrable.
  • Active buy and sell orders in Trading Post should be deleted as they are not carried over.
  • Your friends list is world-specific and does not carry over.

What servers can you transfer your character to

  • You can transfer your character to any server your regionexcept for the following:
    • overcrowded server;
    • a server under maintenance;
    • a set of servers that already has your character.

At the beginning, all players will receive one token, but the developers will continue to monitor the situation in order to distribute new tokens if necessary. After the team makes sure that enough time has passed for the players to find a suitable server, the Server Transfer Tokens will become available for purchase in the in-game store. They promise to inform about it in advance.

The date when the change server feature was released is still unknown. According to the developers, they found several problems while testing it, so the release of the update is delayed.

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