Doom 2016: secrets and easter eggs

picture 1 27 Doom 2016: secrets and easter eggs

In keeping with id Software tradition, the game was filled with easter eggs, and it took the community over two years to find them all. First-person shooter veterans and people in the field will probably only smile indulgently when they read this collection, but many newcomers may have missed them.

Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3

Despite having complex themes of violence and religion, Doom has never taken itself too seriously. And while the series has always had significant potential for darker themes, id Software has preferred to focus on the gameplay, and this is definitely for the better.

The 2016 Doom reboot picked up on this trend—despite much more story development, it still remains just a thin thread that connects locations and hordes of demons.

And a great example of this frivolous tone is the Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3 slot machine, hidden behind containers in the Special Research Facility level. This is absolutely the same monotonous madness as in 2004’s Doom 3, where he first appeared.

Commander Keen

Doom 2016: secrets and easter eggs

Before becoming famous for games like Doom, Wolfenstein and Quake, id Software was known for a smaller but equally beloved series of PC-exclusive action platformers. Keen is infinitely far from our modern ideas about id Software and is unlikely to return in re-releases and remasters.

In fact, 2016’s Doom may indicate that Keen may be dead, and not in a figurative sense – a skeleton wearing an iconic helmet can be found in a cave in the Kadingir Sanctuary. One Reddit user suggested that this could be a reference to the hefty amount of platforming in the new version of Doom, but it’s likely he’s just digging too deep.

Demon Destruction

Doom 2016: secrets and easter eggs

Commander Keen is far from the only reference to the vast world of video games in Doom 2016. In the Lazarus Lab, attentive players noticed that when interacting with one of the monitors in Olivia Pierce’s office, you can launch a hidden mini-game. Much like Bejeweled or Candy Crush, this match-3 game is a fun step aside (and a hidden target) in a game focused primarily on slaughtering hellspawn.

Of course, this is not the coolest Easter egg, but it will definitely keep the player’s interest longer than Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3. Maybe if Olivia played less Demon Destruction and did her job more, things would not turn out the way they did.

iron helmet

Doom 2016: secrets and easter eggs

Do you often visit Necropolis? Although what we say – of course not. But it turns out, deep inside one of the last levels of Doom, there’s a little nod to another Bethesda classic. In a deep cave in the game’s famous underworld, there’s a skeleton wearing a helmet very much like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – you can’t confuse it with anything else.

It is important to note that this is not necessarily the Dragonborn himself – many NPCs wear such helmets – but it is difficult to say anything for sure. Moreover, an arrow literally sticks out of the poor fellow’s knee – a not-so-subtle reference to that same meme.

Sean Bean

Doom 2016: secrets and easter eggs

Anyone who has heard of Hollywood actor Sean Bean even a couple of times knows that he has a sinister tendency to die in almost every project where he is involved. From Goldeneye to The Lord of the Rings, his characters never linger in this world for too long.

The Doom universe was no exception – his name can be seen on the list of the dead at the very beginning of the game. The most interesting thing is that the development team did not have the actor in mind – he is just a complete namesake of one of the game’s producers. Now believe it’s just a coincidence. And we wouldn’t be surprised if the actor appears in an upcoming in-universe movie.

Doomguy’s face

Doom 2016: secrets and easter eggs

If the first two parts of Doom with great pleasure showed us every facial expression of the protagonist, then in the next two games of the main series this feature disappeared for some unknown reason. However, under certain and very specific conditions, the Doom Marine’s face can be seen in Doom 2016.

If a player dies from an explosion in one of the retro Doom levels scattered around the game, the character model’s head will come off and the helmet glass will break, revealing a familiar pixelated grimace. A strange but very cute easter egg – no matter how far the graphics go, Doomguy will remain that way forever.


Doom 2016: secrets and easter eggs

Created by id Software in 2004, Doom 3 looks like the series’ black sheep of sorts these days. For its time, its graphics were so cool that they could melt video cards, but now they are not very popular. However, the developers of the 2016 Doom reboot have not forgotten this game – and there is a small reference in the Lazarus Lab.

On a seemingly innocuous shelf, players who have played the original or BFG version of the above game from the early 2000s will unmistakably recognize the Soul Cube. It was definitely the most memorable element of that campaign, but this time it’s just a trinket that can’t be picked up and applied.

Icon of sin

Doom 2016: secrets and easter eggs

By now, almost everyone knows that the head of id Software co-founder John Romero can be seen impaled behind the Icon of Sin, the final boss of Doom II. Moreover, if you play back the speech of the villain at the beginning of the battle, you will hear a secret message from Romero himself.

The same number can be pulled with the Icon of Sin in the 2016 version of Doom. Fire a missile at the middle of the forehead of a huge creature, and you can hear the same speech backwards in the eerie and terrible scenery of the Necropolis.


Doom 2016: secrets and easter eggs

Shareware, now superseded by demos and free trials, was the distribution method by which developers in the mid-1990s tried to achieve both sales and wider reach for their games. Players could play the initial part of the game for free, and if they liked it, buy the whole thing.

It was this approach that helped some of the early id Software games achieve such popularity, and the developers paid tribute to it by including an achievement with this name in Doom 2016. It requires the creation and publication of a SnapMap map, and given how underestimated the game’s multiplayer is, with this ability may not be familiar to everyone.

Authorization, Olivia Pierce

Doom 2016: secrets and easter eggs

This easter egg is believed to be the last one found in Doom 2016. Someone carefully parsed the seventh track of the game’s soundtrack, called Authorization, by Olivia Pierce and found a hidden dialogue that can be listened to by adjusting some frequencies.

Around the fiftieth second, attentive listeners can hear Pierce saying, “You know, you couldn’t have saved them anyway.” This little easter egg is very well hidden, but given how little Doomguy cared about Olivia or the game’s story in general, it’s unlikely that he cared about her secret message at all.

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