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More about Bound by Flame

Now let’s discuss the merits of the product. Firstly, the game has an amazing picture: an open game world, the presence of traced and detailed levels, dungeons, locations in the “heavenly,” and many interactive objects on the levels. Secondly, the game has advanced gameplay: the character can act covertly and openly, using all his own capabilities, gather a squad of “companions,” tying them with various “bonds” – love, friendship, rivalry. The game has an advanced system of morale, which can affect some events in the plot’s progress.

Why should you torrent download Bound by Flame?

“Create a mighty warrior with a unique combination of combat skills, stealth skills, and fire magic. Take possession of the demonic power lurking in you!
“Collect and improve equipment and attract companions to your side to adequately resist the numerous creatures of darkness in spectacular battles in real-time.
»Establish special relationships with your squad members, be it love, friendship, or rivalry. Will you be able to remain human, or the demonic side will prevail?
»Each of your decisions will lead to certain consequences: as a result of your actions, some episodes of the game change beyond recognition.
“On the way, you will meet many different opponents. How to deal with them is up to you.

How to download Bound by Flame via torrent and install it on your computer?

Install and play.

A licensed copy of the game patched to the latest version is taken as a basis.

  • Name: Bound by Flame
  • Released: 2014
  • Genre: RPG, Action
  • Developer: Spiders
  • Language: English

Briefly about the game:

A magnificent and epic computer game created in the genre of action – RPG with elements of slasher, stealth, on the creation of which the developers from the Spiders studio worked tirelessly. It is worth noting that the game makers managed to create a beautiful RPG with an open world and an advanced moral system that radically affects the progress of the plot in the game. Therefore, if you want to play a colorful product where your character can grow horns and hooves “out of anger,” we advise you to download Bound by Flame via torrent, which can be easily done from this page.

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Bound by Flame Trailer and Gameplay

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