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Description of the game

The desire to conquer the universe and face unpredictable moments – perhaps for this you should try your luck in the legendary and addictive game GTFO. It is here that the player, together with his friends, will try to demonstrate real feelings, face new and unpredictable moments, break into a battle with historical secrets, which means that no one will find any correct sequence.

So. Four players are going to independently go on long-awaited adventures, get involved in a battle with the most optimal opponents, mysterious events and legendary warriors. Each new mission takes place on the territory of a mysterious dungeon, intervenes in an unpredictable sequence, which means that a collision with mutants and various creatures is inevitable. Explore the underground complex, try to find the most exciting and incredible stories for yourself. Download free game GTFO torrent will be possible this year.

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Seeing in front of you an unknown creature with various paws and weapons, always shoot to kill, do not look closely and do not regret, because this will turn out to be for you a failure and loss of vigilance. The strongest will be able to cope with the immediate disaster.

In the GTFO game, as before, you must immediately find the missing artifacts, which are partially in the hands of unknown creatures from another civilization, and the rest are hidden within the underground dimension and various bunkers. It is necessary to find products that will allow you to survive even in such dire situations.

The found tools and resources become an important and only way to get home, while forever putting an end to mutated creatures and helping humanity decide on the future. But this is not the last mission, because from the very beginning and until the last test you have to find out the real truth of what is happening to you, what is the reality of actions and what is happening in general.

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The secrets of the past should definitely break out, present players with an unforgettable and exciting adventure. Having once given a slack and feeling depressed – this feeling from which it is impossible to escape, which means that you have to pick up the next batch of weapons and destroy those caught in the way. Survive and do not allow other subjects to exist alongside you. Only friends will help to withstand the moment of injury or death.

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Year of issue: 2019
Genre: Action, Early Access
Developer: 10 Chambers Collective
Version: Build 29042021 (Last)
Interface language: English
Tablet: Present

Minimum system requirements:
Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5 2500K
Video card: GTX 660
Hard Disk Space: 15GB

Trailer and gameplay for the game

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