Download Pure Pool: Snooker pack for PC

PUREPOOL Download Pure Pool: Snooker pack for PC

More about Pure Pool: Snooker pack

The game is very original; here, it is necessary to note the fact that you, as a player, need to constantly monitor the camera’s view because, to get into the pocket, you need to clearly find your angle of impact and even make a crazy exit under another ball. The game is new; in the game, you can achieve one hundred percent success when you clearly work out the storyline, set up the sight of the ball hit, and make the correct flight trajectory. Then you can get into the pocket on a guy line or with a lateral rotation of the ball!

How to download Pure Pool: Snooker pack via torrent and install on your computer?

1. Install by mounting the image

2. Copy the contents of the “POSTMORTEM” folder to the folder with the installed game, replace it.

3. Play

4. Changing the language of the game is carried out through Launcher.exe

  • Name: Pure Pool: Snooker pack
  • Released: 2015
  • Genre: Spritivny, Simulators
  • Developer: VooFoo Studios
  • Language: English

Briefly about the game:

The British developers of this game have tried to bring their own charm to the gameplay because in this game, in the style of a sports simulator, you, as a player, will face the growing game called snooker. Pure Pool: Snooker pack game, torrent of which you can download right now from our free game server, you will see how professional players accurately pocket balls and gain not only points, but also a rating that will be useful to them for further advancement in their sports career … New bonuses and points, new heroes, professional game management – that’s all you need, but now let’s dwell on certain intricacies of the gameplay. Whether you want it or not, that’s all you need! Let’s go further.

download 1 1 1 1 Download Pure Pool: Snooker pack for PC

Trailer and gameplay for the game Pure Pool: Snooker pack

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