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Description of the game

Routine is a horror game set in a lunar base. This complex stopped sending signals to Earth, and upon the arrival of the expedition it was completely abandoned. People who worked at the station for many years disappeared, it would seem, in one second, as evidenced by the abandoned cups with coffee that once had in them and personal belongings scattered everywhere. Now you have to figure out the situation that happened at the station and try to uncover the secret of the missing personnel.

As soon as your hero arrives at the station, start exploring it. The complex seems to be fully operational, and cleaning robots are still functioning in some rooms. In this situation, only the complete absence of people is alarming, but this fact will soon find a reasonable explanation. When you get to the notice board, where the staff left various notes, you can see a small sheet of paper, pinned by a button, with a rather ominous inscription.

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Someone from the staff asks to deal with the androids serving the premises, which have begun to react strangely to commands and even show hostility. The engineers promised to solve this problem, however, apparently, something went clearly not as planned. Download the game Routine torrent for free can be downloaded on the site in 2020.

After such a terrible conclusion about the events that have taken place, your hero will have to be on guard all the time. After a while, he will be able to see with his own eyes the horror that caused the death of people – a huge humanoid robot continues its movement along the corridors, carrying out a program known to him alone. In no case should you enter into direct confrontation with him, it can end up extremely deplorable for you.

Avoid meeting by hiding in detour corridors or hiding in small closets and other areas. You will have to constantly look at the movement of shadows and listen to suspicious sounds in order to escape from your pursuer in time. You must get to the main computer in order to try to destroy the revived artificial intelligence with it or find a way to blow up the station if the robot cannot be disabled. This game does not provide for additional lives, first aid kits and ammunition, your hero does not know how to pump his skills, and all that remains for you is to run and hide in attempts to survive.

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Download Routine download torrent for PC Download Routine download torrent for PC

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Platform: PC
Release date: TBA
Genre: horror
Developer: Lunar Software
Publisher / distributor: Lunar Software

Trailer and gameplay for the game

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