Elite Dangerous 9th Update Adds New Vehicles and Multi-Drone Controller

Frontier Developments has announced the installation of Update 9 for the Odyssey and Horizons expansion packs that are part of Elite Dangerous. The patch brought performance improvements, various fixes and additional features.

Odyssey owners also received a new two-seater transport Scorpion SRV, created for warfare on the surface of planets. Using the machine, it is possible to destroy both ground and air threats from two standard types of weapons: a powerful laser and Aculeus Launcher tracking missiles, respectively.

Also in Update 9 for Odyssey and Horizons players, a multi-drone controller is introduced for the Xeno, Rescue, Mining, Operations and Universal models. A new type of module can be added to those already installed and allows you to launch different types of drones. The mechanism is not intended to replace existing specialized controllers and is balanced with them, allowing basic use of several types of drones without the need for a dedicated slot for each.

The Scorpion SRV (Elite Dangerous: Odyssey only) is permitted in military ports, and the multi-drone controller (for all Elite Dangerous players) is permitted in most ship rigging services, depending on the controller model required.

The full patch note with a list of all changes can be found at the link.

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