Eustace joins Granblue Fantasy: Versus roster

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The fifth DLC character in Granblue Fantasy: Versus from Season 2 is Eustace. It can be purchased for RUB 175 on Steam or RUB 499 on the PlayStation Store. Upon purchase, you get:

  • Playable character Eustace
  • Lobby Avatar x1
  • Star Character Icon x1
  • Add. task for RPG mode x2
  • Code for the original Granblue Fantasy game (PS4 / PS5 only)

Eustace is described as a quiet professional who always gets the job done without saying a word. He is a member of the Society along with Zeta and Vaseraga, but only out of common interests. In addition to the Flamek Thunder, one of his hidden weapons, he also uses weapons built into his special armor in battle.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus Season Pass 2 will feature another unannounced character.

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