Farming Simulator 19 – Using the map, moving quickly and displaying filters

For orientation in the field, we use the map, which can be found on the first tab (1) in the farm monitoring tool. Use the RT and LT / R2 and L2 keys to zoom in and out.

We move around the map with the right analog, and change the filter with the left one (2). By clicking on the left analogue, we proceed to the purchase of space.

By clicking on the right analogue, we select the building with the name or device, visible as a colored dot. If we have a building pointed at (3), we can fast travel using the X/square button, or mark the building by pressing Y/triangle.

In the first case, our character is teleported to the specified location. In the second situation, the specified object will be visible on the minimap as a blinking green icon.

If you select a car or vehicle, reset the button with the Y/triangle button. The game will automatically move the device to the parking lot of the store, by the way, charging us for fuel. If we have selected a vehicle, use the X / square button to drive. If an employee is driving, indicated on the map with a blue icon with a letter inside, we will appear next to him.

Filters are a valuable addition to the map. With their help, we can control the type of plants sown, their growth and soil composition. After selecting the appropriate filter category, the game will automatically update the map and display the corresponding field color palette. In addition, we can specify which icons should appear on the map. To do this, we use the left analogue and the A / X buttons

Icon explanation:

  • 4. Vehicles – tractors, cars, etc.
  • 5. Harvesters
  • 6. Trailers, dump trucks, tanks
  • 7. Tools – plows, cultivators, etc.
  • 8. Unloading and collection points
  • 9. Contract places – for missions related to transport and delivery
  • 10. Buildings and places

With the help of three categories of filters, we can quickly determine which actions we should take first. In the Plant Types category (11), we have a list of all the plants that are planted not only in our area, but also in our neighbors.

By choosing the Growth category (12), we see fields with crops, plants ready for harvest, or areas under crops. Soil composition (13) tells us when weeds need to be removed, or when the soil needs fertilizer. Thanks to the filters, we learn that after harvesting in a given field, we must plow it, and it is time to harvest in the neighboring area.


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