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Farming simulator Roots of Pacha is back on sale, but now without a publisher

Not so long ago, the pixel farming simulator Roots of Pacha was removed from the Steam service. The reason was the disagreement over the rights to the game between the developer and the publisher. Then the authors promised to do everything possible to quickly return the project to the market.

The developers kept their promise, so Roots of Pacha can again be purchased at Steam. The price in Russia is 1165 rubles. It is reported that the parties were able to agree on mutually beneficial terms, the details of which, of course, are not disclosed. As a result, the game lost its publisher and is now wholly owned by Soda Games.

“Over the past two weeks, Crytivo and Soda Den have been working tirelessly towards the common goal of bringing Roots of Pacha back to Steam. We are happy to announce that we have reached an agreement and that Roots of Pacha has been returned to Steam for everyone to enjoy. We would also like to announce that Crytivo and Soda Den have decided to part amicably on mutually beneficial terms. Soda Den sincerely thanks the Crytivo team for their efforts in supporting and promoting Roots of Pacha. Crytivo sincerely thanks Soda Den for their dedication and craft that went into making Roots of Pacha. Our common priority has always been the fans. We hope you enjoy the return of the Steam store page. Thank you all for your support,” the announcement reads.

In the upcoming update for Roots of Pacha, the developers promise to bring quality of life improvements and add a new character that can be romanced. Long term plans include plant and animal evolution this year, new Tundra and Turtle Island locations next year, and other features and improvements in development.

Roots of Pacha - Out Now

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