Fortnite – Challenges: Complete a lap at the Desert Racetrack

One of the objectives of the fifth week of the ninth season of games in Fortnite is to complete laps on the race tracks. The task consists of three steps that must be completed in the correct order.

First you need to go to the desert path, and then to the snowy and meadow. Everything you need to complete the task can be found in this guide.

Hippodromes – map

To complete all stages, you must find three tracks and complete one lap on each of them. Below is a map on which we marked the location of all routes:

The tracks are located in the following locations:

  • Desert – area J6 and J7
  • Snow – area C9
  • Meadow – area C2

You can make a circle with any vehicle found. When you manage to tour the track, you will see a notification. This means you can move on to the next step.

Don’t forget to end the match after completing the quest – don’t quit the game prematurely!

desert hippodrome

The Desert Hippodrome is the first route you will visit. It extends over areas J6 and J7 on the map. It’s easy to see both on the map and from the air before jumping off the bus.

When you land, go to the start – on the west side, next to the big building. There you will see at least one vehicle – in this case it is ATVs.

Jump into the car, then wait for the countdown to end and the green indicator. Follow the route through the blue jumps and make a full circle. When you pass the finish line, it’s time for the next track.

snow track

You will find the snowy hippodrome in the snowy map in the southwestern part. This is square C9. The route is a little harder to spot from the air, but note the winding line west of Silsky Siol.

When you land, look for the yellow arc that marks the starting point. This time, Culver will be waiting for you there. Jump inside, wait for the countdown to end, go the whole circle.


hippodrome meadow

The last step is the meadow trail, which was located in the northwestern part of the map, in square C2. Again, it’s not that easy to spot – look for a medium sized building east of Junk Crossing.

The start of the path is next to the aforementioned building, on the northern edge of C2 Square.

Wait for the countdown to end again and make a circle on the track. When you complete the last stage, you will complete the challenge.



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