Global release of turn-based RPG AOTU World postponed to mid-July

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In early May, we announced that AOTU World will be released worldwide at the end of June. At the last moment, it turned out that the publisher changed plans – now the game will be released in mid-July. At the start, we can create an anime character with limited customization options. The combat system is turn-based, the cells are highlighted depending on the action that the character can take on them. For domination, you need to choose characters of different elements that “counter” others.

The graphics are minimalistic, sometimes there are fights with large bosses. A limited number of moves are given to complete the level. At the start, they will not be allowed to turn on auto-mode. As you progress through the character is pumped, and we get different materials. By the way, outside the battles, movement is free, although the locations are small. At such moments, you can open chests and look for other secrets.

AOTU World will be released on July 14, 2021 on iOS and Android (according to the App Store). It will be a shareware project with all that it implies. Russian localization is expected.

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