GTA San Andreas: secrets and Easter eggs

gta san andreas GTA San Andreas: secrets and Easter eggs

The GTA games are famous for their large open world with lots of satirical references to American culture. It is not surprising that adding a variety of Easter eggs, from funny to creepy, has become a tradition. Not without them in GTA San Andreas.

Many of us have been familiar with GTA San Andreas since childhood, and for many hours spent in it, we managed to study the game inside and out. Someone, on the contrary, just discovered this masterpiece of Rockstar Games, or decided to refresh their memory of the impressions of many years ago.

If you are one of those players and want to learn more about the world of the game, then you will need information about the Easter eggs that you can find there. We have compiled a short list of secrets that you should definitely see with your own eyes at least once.

ghost cars

This is not something that would be an easter egg, but rather a small secret that may not be found if you do not pay attention to exploring the world. However, the chances of meeting him are higher than in the case of other secrets.

The whole point of the secret is that in particularly remote places like Back-O-Beyond, Angel Pine junkyards, Shady Creeks forests, etc., you can find abandoned wrecked cars that seem to come from nowhere. The name “ghost cars” came from the fact that in some locations the car spawns on a hill and rolls down under the influence of gravity, which makes it look like someone invisible is driving it.

Add to this the creepy atmosphere in the forests of San Andreas (especially at night or in fog), as well as the fact that the car somehow ended up in the middle of nowhere on its own, and it becomes a little unsettling. It is not known whether the developers wanted to make the wilderness more sinister in this way, or whether they pursued a much simpler goal: to give the player access to transport, even if he is far from civilization. The mysterious wrecked machines did both.

Police brutality in Los Santos

Police brutality in Los Santos

No, it’s not that cops all over San Andreas don’t hesitate to use force on anyone they don’t like. The cops from the previous parts also differed in this behavior, but in San Andreas they added a separate scene that clearly illustrates their attitude towards ordinary citizens.

If you go down to the underground parking lot under the Los Santos Police Department, you can witness how one policeman beats a random passerby, and another watches this with a weapon. Poor people, nowhere in this city you feel safe …

Facts about the Gant Bridge

Facts about the Gant Bridge

Gant Bridge was marked by the presence of as many as several Easter eggs. One of them is technically not on the bridge, but not far from the house of Kathy (Carl’s girlfriend from San Fierro), but still refers to him.

The Easter egg is an information plate that contains technical data about the bridge, signed as “FACTS ABOUT THE BRIDGE”. What is interesting here is that instead of “real” facts such as the year of construction, the name of the architect and other historical references, the plate lists the parameters of the bridge as a game object: the number of polygons, the number of textures, the rendering distance, and even the size of the final model on disk – “as much as 1.27 megabytes” . It’s good that Carl Johnson is as far from computer technology as possible, otherwise sooner or later he would have guessed that he lives in a simulation.

Shooting at the moon

Shooting at the moon

And this is perhaps the most famous Easter egg not only in San Andreas, but in GTA as a whole. Shooting at the Moon with a sniper rifle (while looking at the Moon through the scope), you will make it increase in size until, instead of increasing, it decreases to its usual state.

This little secret is also found in GTA 3 and Vice City, but is missing in the new generation of GTA. Maybe this is not the most interesting Easter egg in the series, but it can be considered a “trick” of the classic GTA. And in general, the ability to change the size of the moon at any time is a trifle, but a pleasant one.

There are no Easter eggs on Gant Bridge

There are no Easter eggs here.

GTA developers are well aware that many players specifically explore the world in search of Easter eggs. After all, that’s often what they’re meant to do – to encourage curiosity and provide an extra reason not to get stuck on the same routes and places.

Climbing the Gant Bridge, an inquisitive player will find a reward for the journey: a sign that says “there are no Easter eggs here, get out of here.” This isn’t the first time developers have played pranks on players like this: in GTA 3, the inscription “actually you weren’t supposed to be here” was hidden, and in GTA Vice City, you could find a large Easter egg near the Vice City News building.

It’s no surprise that this simple but very straightforward Easter egg has become the most famous in GTA San Andreas.

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