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Hortensia Saga R: A Look at SEGA’s 3D Japanese MMORPG

1502202110051680 Hortensia Saga R: A Look at SEGA's 3D Japanese MMORPG

Edition MMO Culture told about the recently released MMORPG called Hortensia Saga R. This three-dimensional reworking of the already existing Hortensia Saga (it is still available in digital stores). Underneath the anime style and turn-based combat lies the typical gacha (hello Genshin Impact). Besides, loading screens with attractive waifu await the Groks. The field is divided by a grid, where you can move your heroes and point to the enemy target.

A mobile game based on anime – “The Saga of Hydrangea“. Here we are told stories of bloody war and chaos. General setting: medieval fantasy. We should expect a lot of well-placed inserts on the game engine (characters are voiced) and specials—full-screen suggestions. Heroes need to be pumped, which concerns weapons and equipment (armour also has a rarity level). Published by SEGA.

Hortensia Saga R is available on iOS and Android in Japan. This is a shareware project with microtransactions. There is no information about the global version. More details about the game can be found on the official website (careful, Japanese).

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