How to Get Paid to Write Online Reviews

writing product services reviews online How to Get Paid to Write Online Reviews

The idea of getting paid to write online reviews sounds perfect. Most businesses use online consumer reviews for product development and customer service. Getting a lot of positive reviews can also boost a business by attracting new customers.

Some businesses will compensate you for trying out their products and providing feedback because of the value reviews offer. Though it might be a little money, sharing your view of things won’t hurt. Read on to discover how to turn your smartphone into a profit engine and get paid to write online reviews.


Almost any dedicated online reviewer will recommend Swagbucks if you ask them where to find work. Swagbucks is a legal rewards platform providing its users numerous financial gain avenues.

You may Earn at Swagbucks by sharing your thoughts on various items and services in exchange for monetary compensation through online surveys. You can earn money by reviewing things or trying them out yourself. It’s entertaining, simple, and trustworthy. 


ReviewStream is excellent if you’re constantly checking in on social media and want to know what is trending. You’re free to rate whatever you choose, an app or a trending outfit. You can review the best online pokies app and mention their advantages over other casino apps or sites. 

However, the more popular your review is, the more extra points you’ll receive. Ensure your review complies with the platform’s publishing criteria to maximize your earnings and the number of people who find it helpful.


You should work with reputable companies with a proven track record to get the most out of your online review. InboxDollars is a reputable website that pays you to read emails, shop, and complete surveys. You can receive payment for reviewing products and earning monetary incentives as you do so. For nearly two decades, InboxDollars has given users more than $56 million.


GetReviewed is an excellent platform for freelance review writers because it pays reviewers cash for sponsored reviews and blog articles. Start by submitting your blog for review; if approved, it will be featured on the GetReviewed marketplace. About two weeks after you complete writing a review and the advertiser approves it, you’ll get paid via your PayPal account.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie, as its name suggests, only specializes in surveys. The act of composing lengthy essays is not everyone’s cup of tea. Survey Junkie is fantastic since it facilitates quick and thorough reviews and remarks.

Individuals create profiles that reflect their tastes and preferences. The website follows up with quick surveys to pair users with queries. You can get digital points as a reward for completing surveys. You can exchange these points for e-gift cards or PayPal.

Final Thoughts

The great thing about reviewing is that most websites that pay you to do so only demand you to have a little knowledge and experience or expensive equipment. Each platform is worth checking out if you’re ready to break into the review writing industry and build your popularity and website traffic.

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