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HoYoverse presented the first major update 1.1 for Honkai: Star Rail

With a slight delay, HoYoverse held a presentation of the first major update 1.1 “Galactic Travels” for the turn-based RPG Honkai: Star Rail. During the half-hour broadcast, the developers talked about what content players should expect.

The game will feature a new Starhunt event, in which the Pathfinder will receive an invitation from Leonard, a cybersecurity engineer on the Hertha space station. You have to help him find digital graffiti hidden throughout the station and learn about their meaning. In addition, the Museum of Local Lore will open in Belobog, and another event “The Book of Rarities of the Local Lore Museum” will be associated with it, where you will have to find lost exhibits and even try yourself as a museum manager.

The following will join the list of characters:

  • Silver Wolf (5★, Quantum, Oblivion) ​​- Inflicts debuffs on enemies, increasing the superiority of allies in combat. Her technique deals damage and reduces the resistance of the enemy, regardless of their vulnerabilities. Super ability gives allies additional benefits, dealing damage and reducing their defense.
  • Locha (5★, Imaginary, Abundant) – His skill grants an emergency heal if allies’ health is severely reduced, without expending skill points. Super ability removes one buff from all enemies and deals damage.
  • Yukong (4★, Imaginary, Harmony) – Skills focus on supporting allies. There are no details yet.

The update will add new challenges such as Star Wars, the Garden of Many and Labs in Place, new companion missions related to the aforementioned characters, as well as new features such as automatic opponent tracking and chat with friends.

Update 1.1 for Honkai: Star Rail is scheduled for release on June 7, 2023.

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Version 1.1 Trailer - "Galactic Roaming" | Honkai: Star Rail

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