Huawei has officially announced that it will be hosting the HarmonyOS 2.0 Beta Developer Conference on December 16 to begin beta testing the new operating system.

As a reminder, in September, when Huawei formally introduced the HarmonyOS 2.0 operating system, it promised that the beta version for mobile devices would become available to developers in December.

The upcoming event will be attended by technical experts and HarmonyOS developers with whom attendees will communicate face-to-face. The company will also release a release schedule for the beta versions of HarmonyOS 2.0 for various smartphone models. Presumably, on the same day, beta testing will begin on the flagship series of smartphones, Huawei Mate 40.

Huawei announced the start date of testing HarmonyOS 2.0 on smartphones

At the end of October this year, Dr. Wang Chenglu, president of Huawei’s consumer device software division, announced that the HarmonyOS 2.0 adaptation is going very well, so the beta testing on smartphones will begin as planned December.

HarmonyOS 2.0 should be received by Huawei and Honor smartphones on platforms such as Kirin 9000, Kirin 990 5G, Kirin 990, Kirin 985, Kirin 980, Kirin 820, Kirin 810, and Kirin 710. Devices with EMUI 11 will be the first to receive the new operating system.

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