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A vault is a safe zone where player characters replenish their health, craft ammo, and even earn passive income. Its arrangement is not an obligatory, but very useful option, and investments pay off with bonuses that greatly simplify further life in Tarkov.

In this guide, we will try to cover the key modules of the shelter, explain what their advantages are, and hint to beginners about the possible sequence with which to approach the development.

Air filterer

A system that is mounted in ventilation ducts, providing the shelter with purified air. Once installed, your character gets a 40 percent boost to pump physical skills (stamina, health, vitality).

The installation will cost 10 thousand dollars, will require the presence of the Generator and the Ventilation shafts themselves, pumped to the third level, as well as the third level of loyalty with the Skier. The assembly will take two days, but it is worth it.

Bitcoin Farm

You have probably already noticed that along with the main types of currencies in the game there are bitcoins. So they farm just on this machine, which, by the way, is very expensive. It will take a lot of high-level mining, which will take some time to find.

The module passively generates bitcoins depending on the number of video cards inserted into it:

  • The first level is 10 CPU coolers, 5 power supplies, 5 power cables, one electric drill and an Intelligence Center pumped to the second level. The primary system holds up to ten graphics cards at a time.
  • The second level – you will need to find 15 coolers, 5 more power supplies, 5 printed circuit boards and 2 phase control relays. Thus, you will get already 25 slots for units.
  • The third level – for 50 slots will request 25 coolers, 10 silicone tubes, one electric motor, two pressure sensors and a solar battery pumped to the second level.

Remember these components and try not to sell, or even better – get a separate backpack for them in the cache.


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Adding canister slots to the shelter is a condition for the operation of most modules and the basis of the entire power grid. If you have thoroughly taken up the development of the shelter, this module may be worth investing in as soon as possible.

  • The first level will cost 100 thousand rubles, will be built instantly and add two slots for canisters.
  • The second level will require 3 phase control relays, one electric motor and 15 wire beams, as well as Ur2 Safety and Ur2 Ventilation. Thus, you will already have 4 slots for canisters.
  • The third level – you will have to find 6 more phase control relays, 2 electric motors, 5 spark plugs, 5 power supplies, build Ventilation Ur3 and Safety Ur3 and earn the third stage of loyalty from the Mechanic.


Picture 12 Guide Escape from Tarkov – Asylum

The main function of the heating system is to restore the energy of the character. The warmer it is in the shelter, the faster the regeneration occurs. The base module will increase the reggen by +2 EP/h, the advanced module will add another +5 EP/h, and the maximum will allow the characters to come to their senses quite quickly. In total, fighters will receive +14 EP/ h, as well as a 50 percent increase in the speed of removing negative effects.

  • The first level costs 25 thousand rubles, the construction is instantaneous.
  • The second level will cost 50 thousand rubles and Endurance, pumped to the second value.
  • The third level will require generator Ur2 and Workbench Ur2, 8 spirals of incandescence and bundles of wires, as well as the second stage of loyalty from The Barker.

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Intelligence Center

Picture 11 Guide Escape from Tarkov – Asylum

One of the most curious modules in Tarkov with a fairly wide range of applications. The baseline, for which you should first develop Safety and Ventilation to the second value, will provide you with a 5% cash increase to the reward for quests, as well as reduce wild rollback by 15%.

At the second stage, the bonus to the “salary” will grow by another 10% – that is, the total will already be a 15 percent increase. And another 20% reduction in the time of return of things on insurance.

A fully improved intelligence center will provide you with a 35% reduction in wildback and a 30% reduction in commission at the flea market. In addition, Mechanic will connect your laptop to an isolated Tarkov network, so you can extract intelligence from secure flash drives.

  • The first level will present requirements for improved to the second values of safety and ventilation, as well as one folder with intelligence data.
  • The second level – you need 3 folders with data, 3 flash drives, 4 power cables, 4 damaged hard drives, Security Ur3, Medblock Ur3, Food block Ur3, the second stage of loyalty with mechanic and Attentiveness, developed to the third value.
  • The third level is to find 2 military COFDM, 2 VPX SSDs, 3 gas analyzers, 4 military cables and make friends with Prapor until the third stage of loyalty.


Picture 5 Guide Escape from Tarkov – Asylum

An important element in any home. In Tarkov, it is supplemented with some useful functions, in particular, the production of certain goods. So, the basic bathroom allows you to create toilet paper and air filters for gas masks.

The advanced toilet produces shampoos, wipers, bleaches, corrugated hoses, WD-40s, fuel canisters and magazine cases. Fully improved also allows you to craft filter-absorbers.

  • The first level will cost 2 thousand rubles.
  • The second level will require 3 corrugated hoses, 5 packages of self-tapping screws, an electric drill and a water collector Ur1.
  • The third level – you will need 6 corrugated hoses, 2 pressure sensors, a set of tools and 3 mounting foams, as well as the Water Collector Ur3.


The home library will allow your character to get 15% more experience from all sources, and will also speed up the pumping of practical skills (barter, first aid, work with shops) by 30%.

Due to the rather high requirements for construction, it is recommended to pay attention to the module in the midgame. To create a library will require 400 thousand rubles, Recreation Area Ur3 and Memory, developed to the eighth value.


Picture 2 Guide Escape from Tarkov – Asylum

One of the most important modules in Tarkov, where vital equipment for first aid is produced. Its construction and development will significantly accelerate the regeneration of your character’s health (up to +174 HP / h on the third level), will allow you to produce two tactical first aid kits IFAK and one Grizzly once an hour, as well as stimulants, impregnated and piles of medicines.

  • Level 1 – instantly built for 20 thousand rubles.
  • Level 2 – you need 50 thousand rubles, a kit for blood transfusion, 3 bottles of saline, the skill Health ur2 and the second value of loyalty from the Therapist.
  • Level 3 – you will need 150 thousand rubles, 5 bottles of saline, LED transilluminator, Generator Ur2, Bathroom Ur2, skill Vitality Ur3, as well as the third stage of loyalty with the Therapist and the second – with the Skier.

One of the most promising modules for primary development, however, it also costs very decently. However, we recommend focusing on it as soon as possible.

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Catering unit

Picture 14 Guide Escape from Tarkov – Asylum

Another module responsible for restoring health and energy. The food block is very useful in early development, especially in combination with alternative sources of regeneration.

At the first stage, the increase in energy will be +6 EP / h, it will be possible to create dry solderings iskra. The second stage in total will develop the regeneration of forces to +12 EP / h, increase the recovery of life by + 32 HP / h, will allow you to craft condensed milk, Wilston cigarettes and packs of sugar. At the third stage, the energy drill will reach +36 EP/h and there will be a bonus to the hydration of +12 WP/h.

  • The first level – you will need 25 thousand rubles and 2 phase control relays.
  • The second level is bathroom ur2, 4 wrenches, 2 corrugated hoses, 2 alkalis and phase control relays.
  • The third level – you will have to fork out 125 thousand rubles, 3 cans of Majaica coffee, 3 packs of soda, pump up to the third level metabolism and build a Bathroom Ur3 and Warehouse Ur3.

Recreational area

Picture 7 Guide Escape from Tarkov – Asylum

And another area where your fighter will be able to gain strength, allowing the wounds to heal and the painful effects to negate. Due to the rather high requirements, the module is not recommended to be developed at the beginning of the game, but to supplement it with more practical and less expensive sources of regeneration.

At the initial stage, the rate of removal of negative effects will increase by 10%, the advanced level will raise the energy recovery to +3 EP / h, and health to + 23 HP / h, and the fully improved module will add + 46 HP / h and increase the maximum energy reserve of the fighter by + 10.

  • The first level costs 10 thousand rubles (it is just worth building early).
  • The second level will require 35 thousand rubles, the second stage of loyalty from The Flea Marketer, Heating ur2 and Generator ur2.
  • The third level – you will need 4 power cables, 5 capacitors, 7 bundles of wires, 3 thousand dollars, generator ur3 and the third loyalty of the Skier.

Solar cell

A unique, but quite expensive module made of solar panels, which reduces fuel consumption by 50%. For installation, you will need 4 military cables, 2 elements of a phased array, 4 military power filters, 4 military cables, Generator Ur3, Verstak Ur3, the fourth loyalty indicator of the Peacemaker and 15 thousand euros.


Another cosmetic module, which in fact does not carry anything useful with it. True, its development is a condition for pumping other elements of the shelter.

  • The first level will require 25 thousand rubles.
  • The second level – you will need an electric motor and a car battery.
  • The third level – will request the Generator Ur2, the skill Power Ur3, as well as 2 electric motors, 8 beams of wires, 3 circuit boards and 3 car batteries.


Picture 4 Guide Escape from Tarkov – Asylum

A narrowly focused module that will solve problems with the need for water. It has a fairly low price, which allows you to pump the water supply to the maximum value already in the early stages of the game, increasing the increase in hydration by +42 WP / h and allowing you to create canisters with purified water.

  • The first level – you need 4 corrugated hoses, 5 bolts, 5 nuts and 3 mounting tape.
  • The second level requires 6 hoses, 2 electric motors, 2 sets of tools, Attentiveness Ur3, Workbench Ur2 and the second loyalty of the Huntsman.
  • The third level costs 125 thousand rubles, 2 Elite pliers, 5 cans with Shustriolo spray foam, Ur3 Generator and the third stage of loyalty from the Huntsman.

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Picture 10 Guide Escape from Tarkov – Asylum

One of the most useful modules used to create various ammunition, grenades and some important elements. You can even assemble a Kalashnikov assault rifle on it. It is recommended, if possible, to concentrate on its improvement.

  • The first level requires 2 bolts, 2 nuts, 1 leatherman multitool.
  • The second level – you need Lighting Ur2, 3 sets of tools, 2 electric drills, 6 bolts and the second loyalty of the Mechanic.
  • The third level – will cost 195 thousand rubles, 2 Elite pliers, weapon lubricant #FireKlean and the third loyalty of the Mechanic.

Other modules

Picture 9 Guide Escape from Tarkov – Asylum


Another module that is vital for wealthy players. The expansion of warehouse space will significantly increase the volume of the cache for your belongings. With the maximum fourth upgrade, the size of the warehouse will reach 660 slots.

You will pump the warehouse throughout the game and finish already in the endgame, when the reputation of a number of merchants reaches a maximum and most of the machines will also be finally developed.


Decorative module necessary for the development of the Generator and Intelligence Center. In addition, it does not carry any practical benefit, and also requires very impressive investments for maximum development.


A purely decorative module, thanks to which your shelter will be filled with cozy light. To place paraffin candles everywhere, you will have to fork out 10 thousand rubles. Find 14 incandescent light bulbs and 5 beams of wires – it will become brighter. For 50 thousand rubles, 7 capacitors and the second level of loyalty from the Mechanic, you can spend fluorescent lamps in the shelter.

Shooting gallery

Picture 13 Guide Escape from Tarkov – Asylum

A useful area where you can quickly and easily check your guns without leaving the shelter. The construction of the shooting range will take one hour and will require 4 packs of nails, 5 bolts, 5 nuts, 3 mounting tape and Lighting Ur2.

Moonshine machine

A rather specific module in which moonshine “Fierce Axeman” is produced and bottled. In diluted form, it becomes Tarkov vodka and is exchanged by a number of merchants for cases, armor and a night vision device.

For construction, you will need 4 silicone tubes, 2 analog thermometers, 2 pressure sensors, 5 corrugated hoses, as well as a water collector and a catering unit pumped to the third level.

Box of the Wild

A somewhat odd module that will allow you to hire the Wild to look for certain items for you. They will have to pay for the work. At the moment, there is one stage of development of the module and several options for sending with different costs and time that the Wild will spend on the hike.

The construction will require the Ur2 Exploration Center, 2 bronze lions, 2 gold rings with a skull, 6 gold chains and 8 gold Roler watches. By the way, the Moonshine Machine and the Intelligence Center will come in handy here, because as payment for the most profitable transactions, the Wild will ask for a bottle of “Fierce Axeman” or a folder with intelligence data.

As you can see, a developed hideout can become an area where your character will recover faster from heavy raids, create consumables of essential necessities and even get e-currency.

The first thing you really need is to concentrate on building a bitcoin farm. The funds received with its help will ultimately go to other needs, including the development of other modules, which will save you time and effort.

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