Immortal Awakening OBT launch date revealed

Immortal Awakening is a mobile MMO with a strong focus on action and the destruction of a huge number of demons. It even somewhat resembles Diablo III, for example, with its introduction. So, the game will undergo OBT, we expect it to be available on iOS and Android. While the exact date of the start of the servers is known – December 1st.

The developers of Immortal Awakening promise different game scenes, including huge cities, nature and dungeons; each location will have its own unique style. By the way, Immortal Awakening has been undergoing CBT before, so we expect that from December 1st, many more players will be able to participate to test high-level content and server stability under load.

In Immortal Awakening, there are not only PvE dungeons, but also PvP in the 1v1, 5v5, and even guild-by-guild formats. Due to the large number of monsters on the battlefields, you should expect that leveling will not take much time, plus you can customize the character.

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