iPhone 12 Pro Back Panel May Crack Without Impact

According to Apple, the drop strength of the front of the iPhone 12 has been increased by 4 times, and the back – 2 times.

The editor of the famous resource XDA Developers Max Weinbach (Max Weinbach) on his page on the social network Twitter said that the back glass of the iPhone 12 Pro cracked by itself.

My phone did not fall anywhere, I did not drop it and did nothing with them at all. I just put it on the table with the screen facing down, and when I picked it up again, I found that the glass in the area of ​​the camera cracked. I always admit if I break something, but it was not me.

Max Weinbach

IPhone 12 Pro back panel may crack without impact

The problem was quickly resolved, the Apple service center simply replaced the device. It is not yet known whether the problem is a single one or it can be more widespread.

According to official data from Apple, the drop strength of the front of the iPhone 12 has been increased 4 times, and the back – 2 times.

Also today it became known that for some users of the iPhone 12, the body of the smartphone was too sharp. Early adopters of the iPhone 12 complained about the short battery life, but they found the paint peeling off the case quickly.

Source: Twitter

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