They’d rather give up their iPhone than lose WeChat

New information continues to emerge about how the WeChat ban could hit Apple’s business and iPhone sales hard. Recall that a decree signed by Donald Trump prohibits any transactions associated with the popular messenger.

If Apple is forced to remove WeChat from the App Store, Huawei and other manufacturers will benefit greatly from it. In China, most iPhone users actively use WeChat on a daily basis, and not only for communication. The application has replaced a large number of other services, it is used to pay for purchases, travel, make various payments, and so on.

Bloomberg reports that 95% of iPhone owners will abandon these smartphones and switch to phones from other manufacturers if WeChat is banned. On social networking site Weibo, 1.2 million people were asked to choose between WeChat and their iPhone. 95% of the respondents said they would rather give up their iPhone than lose WeChat.

iPhone will become "expensive e-waste".  95% of WeChat users in China are ready to ditch the iPhone

Hong Kong resident and iPhone user Kenny Ou said that if Apple were forced to remove WeChat from the App Store, its iPhone would become “expensive e-waste.” He, like many other Chinese iPhone users, considers the application to be one of the most important software functions of his phone.

I have a Macbook, iPad, iPhone, and even AirPods. Apple has created a strong bond between its products and made me very dependent on their brand. If such a ban were imposed, it would be a huge disaster for my studies and work.

Kenny Ou

Shanghai Commodities merchant Vincent Han was planning to replace his Huawei phone with an iPhone. But these plans have changed due to a possible ban on WeChat: “I am concerned that WeChat will be banned on the iPhone. This will greatly affect my work as 90% of my clients and colleagues communicate through WeChat. However, Samsung’s Android operating system is being developed by Google. And I am concerned that the Android platform will also block WeChat. “

Earlier, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that annual shipments of iPhone smartphones could be cut by 25-30% if Apple were forced to remove WeChat from its app stores around the world.

Representatives from Apple, Ford, Goldman Sachs, Intel, Morgan Slidan, Procter & Gamble, United Parcel Service Inc, and others took part in a video conference with the White House, in which they talked about the potential impact of the WeChat ban on their business.

If the ban only applies in the United States, the consequences will not be so dire.

Source: Phone Arena

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