KONAMI Pitch Clash Football Arcade Early Access Started: Cards, Tactics and Auto Matches

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Pitch Clash is a football arcade game for smartphones. At first glance, you hardly think that the Japanese corporation KONAMI is engaged in it. What do we have in terms of gameplay? You have to collect cards, just like in FIFA Mobile. Before the start of the match, we are given several cards in our hands, we choose two of them. It depends on what tactics our team uses: play from defense or aggression. Then our cards are compared with the opponent’s cards and the game begins. Only you will not be able to participate in it: the matches are automatic. At some point, we again choose two cards, wait for the opponent and continue to “watch TV”.

The graphics are mediocre, the players are covered in pixels and low-poly sneakers from the games of the PlayStation 1 era. As the camera approaches the grass, you can start counting the pixels: they are huge. On the plus side: the project features 10,000 licensed footballers, but you are unlikely to recognize them without cards.

An early version of Pitch Clash is already available on Android. This is a shareware project with ads. Nothing is stated about in-app purchases. The iOS version has not yet been announced.

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