LGBT player temporarily banned in New World due to massive reports from homophobes

Popular streamer Isacoh, a member of the LGBTQIA community, and some of his friends from the Queers guild have been temporarily banned from MMORPG New World. According to the user, he was banned from entering the game for 14 hours due to massive homophobic complaints about the name of the clan.

The player also notes that it is not the first time that representatives of the Queers LGBT guild have been subjected to such attacks, and most likely this is due to the hated homophobes and tactics when bans do not allow factions to defend territories.

“This is not the first time that Queers members have been mistreated due to massive reporting from homophobes in the game,” writes Isacoh. “I am a New World content creator using Queer and Genderqueer tags on Twitch, also owned by [Amazon]that unite our community. “

It is worth noting that Isacoh additionally went to the gaming forum for the official position of the developers, but he was directed to the link where he can appeal the ban.

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