Mafia: Definitive Edition – secrets and easter eggs

picture 99 Mafia: Definitive Edition - secrets and easter eggs

Mafia: Definitive Edition brings us back to the criminal world of a noticeably prettier Lost Haven. Like in the original game, here you can take a break from gangster business and just drive around the city in Walking mode, quietly exploring the area. And you can do something more interesting if you know where and how to find it interesting.

Yes, by the standards of today’s open-world games like GTA5 or RDR2, Lost Haven is ridiculously empty in Free Exploration mode. When you first meet, you get the impression that there is nothing to do here at all, except to study the local architecture, run in different cars and arrange shootouts with cops when it gets completely boring. But it is not so.

The original game had another bonus game mode called The Big Walk, which contained bizarre missions, strange vehicles, and other content that would have been more appropriate in GTA than in the serious world of the mafia of the 30s. In the Definitive Edition, it was not included as a separate mode in the game, but part of this crazy atmosphere was kept in the updated Walking mode.

Secret Walk Mode Missions

Walking mode has a set of secret missions that can be accessed by picking up and reading notes in Salieri’s bar. Go to the bar and take a note that will mark a secret place. Head there, find the ringing phone, answer the call and you can start their passage.

Each mission will surprise you with oddities, and for the successful completion of some of them you can even get an unusual reward, no less unusual than the missions themselves. Mechanic and boxer costumes are among them, but these are flowers compared to the dog head or the outfits that Tommy Angelo can get while fighting aliens and a killer clown.

How to open secret missions

In total, there are 12 secret missions in the Walk. To activate them, go to Salieri’s bar and take the note. Notes are scattered throughout the building, and some of them only appear at night. Change day to night with pictures and search again.

The first note is in the bar. Take it and head to the outskirts of Little Italy. Pick up the ringing phone and start the mission. You will be given a Crazy Horse car with a very powerful engine, but very inconvenient controls, and will be offered to drive for a while. After completing the task, you will open ten more missions, and the corresponding notes will appear in the bar, with which you can start them. After completing all ten missions, the final, twelfth mission will open.

How to get new costumes

Mafia: Definitive Edition

Some of the secret missions unlock new costumes for Tommy. In one of these, you will have to chase a UFO, and in the other, you will have to fight a killer clown, a local version of Pennywise. Here is a list of missions where you can get a new outfit:

  • dog head costume: Complete the mission “Curse of the Baskervilles”. The mission access note can be found on Salieri’s desk.
  • Tommy alien costume: Complete the Alien Invasion mission. The note appears only at night, take it and go to the working quarter, in the west there is the necessary telephone booth.
  • Evil clown costume: Complete the “Penny from the Underworld” mission. The note can be found in Salieri’s bar.
  • boxer suit: Complete the “Explosive Situation” mission. The note is in Salieri’s bar.
  • Mechanic suit: Complete the “Medium Speed” mission. Take the note at the bar, look for the booth in the northwest of Chinatown.

There are other costumes in the Walk that can be unlocked just by finding them in the city: a policeman costume, a hotel worker costume, a homeless person, etc. But there is no special point in collecting them, except out of interest – they do not affect the percentage of completion.

Some of the secret missions are very difficult. For example, in a mission with a UFO, you will have to not only remember the route of the saucer in order to catch up with it in time, but also shoot. Fortunately, as a reward for completing missions, they give not only costumes, but also golden weapons and fast cars, which will come in handy here. The main thing is to keep an eye on the fuel level so as not to be left with an empty tank at a decisive moment. You’ll have to sweat, but then you can complete the game as Tommy the alien with a big green head. It’s probably well worth the effort.

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