Studio 505 Games is working on a new arcade puzzle game – Puzzle Quest 3. In it, we will fight dragons and collect colourful rubies according to the “match-three” formula. The series is top-rated among mobile gamers: it managed to bring developers more than $ 200 million, and the fanbase is about 32 million players. We are promised a “return to the roots”, a combination of RPG-elements, heroic storytelling and arcade gameplay.

The plot will take place after 500 years after the original Puzzle Quest’s events, and the battles will be in a three-dimensional world and the format “1 on 1“. Plus, expect something new that will surprise both veterans of the series and newcomers. It is worth recalling that the first part was released in 2007. According to a 505 Games spokesperson, fans asked for a long time them about the third party.

Puzzle Quest 3 will be released on iOS, Android and PC in late 2021. It will be a shareware project with all the consequences. You can subscribe to updates through the official site.

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