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Medieval 2: Total War Kingdoms brought a great campaign package to the gaming community. One of the most interesting and difficult was the Teutonic campaign, dedicated to the events in the Baltic states of the XIII century. The mighty Teutonic Order, pagan Lithuania, cold and harsh Denmark, the Holy Roman Empire, Poland, the Golden Horde and the famous Novgorod Republic clashed on the impressive map of the campaign. For the first time in the history of Total War, scripts were introduced for the adoption of Catholicism by pagan countries, the formation of the Hanseatic League, and even the creation of a united Kalmar Union in Denmark. The campaign has a very harsh gameplay, which undoubtedly requires clarification and guides.

STAGE 1: start

Before moving on to the guide, it is worth mentioning the number of playable factions and difficulty levels. You can play for everyone except the Golden Horde and Norway. That is, the Teutonic Order, Norway, Novgorod, Denmark and Lithuania will be available to the player, and after completing one of the campaigns, Poland and the Holy Roman Empire will open.

The hardest to play for the Teutonic Order and Lithuania. You can’t hesitate for the Order at all, because it is attacked literally from all sides. From the very beginning of the campaign there is a war with pagan Lithuania. Followers of the Old Gods immediately besiege at least three Teutonic cities. Plus, the Order is split into two parts. It is necessary to concentrate troops around Riga and Marienburg. These peculiar two capitals will become reliable fortresses to repel enemy attacks. It is there that you can immediately call on the help of elite troops. There will be no money at first, and this is normal. It is necessary to fight only starting troops.

For the Order, you must immediately send troops from Marienburg and Riga to capture two or three cities in Lithuania. It is desirable to take cities by storm as soon as possible and somehow get rid of the crisis. You need to forget about auto-fights and concentrate on real-time fights. Try to take out all enemy commanders in battles: this will lead to the flight of the enemy. Create an elite corps of knights in Marienburg. Hire a priest there to spread Catholicism. Some Teutonic troops depend on the predominance of Catholicism. Next, ruthlessly strike at the pagans. Do not forget to fortify your cities, develop them and build economic buildings.

It will be even more difficult for Lithuania, especially at higher difficulty levels. The Order will use all available forces to destroy the chosen ones of Perkunas. At first, Lithuania is still a pagan state, and much depends on the construction of temples. The economy is relatively good, but soon it starts to falter too. But on the other hand, there is a great way to survive in time: first, create a powerful defense of cities and castles, placing good fighters there. Certain pagan temples can give you special troops. Some even give you the opportunity to hire knights from the very first moves. Use this opportunity wisely.

Create a small regiment near Minsk and send it to capture the local Russian settlements. You can safely unleash a war with the Horde. The Mongols here are very weak and die quickly. It’s time to recapture Kyiv and Chernigov from them. Just keep in mind, the locals will not tolerate pagans in power. It is better to immediately lower taxes in order to avoid riots from the start. Then build your temples and hire priests to spread the faith in the Old Gods. Be very careful. Make sure that every move you make will benefit you. Avoid an economic crisis.

For other factions, everything is much easier. For Novgorod, Denmark, Germany and Poland, you can safely afford the unhurried development and conquest of independent cities. These factions are literally surrounded by chests of gold. The Germans and Danes were especially lucky. They have excellent trading ports around, plus access to the sea. It is better not to doze, but to immediately seize these ports, creating an influx of goods.

Do not forget about the conquest of the Baltic Islands. The AI ​​rarely does naval raids, so your forces will be completely safe on the islands. For Novgorod, it is better to immediately conclude an alliance with Lithuania, and then jointly endure the Teutonic Order. Alexander Nevsky should be left in the capital in order to avoid his death. At the same time, take care of the Danes (Swedes) in Narva. Recapture two northern cities from the Vikings and get a great portion of cash.

STAGE 2: war with everyone at once

The Teutonic campaign is considered the most difficult for that, because hardcore is literally everywhere here. Even relatively peaceful factions that are abundant from the start face great difficulties over time. Enemies do not sleep and try with all their might to survive the player from the map. The tension remains in the campaign for almost the entire game. In addition, it is not necessary to follow the victory conditions (capture 30-40 provinces). The ultimate goal is precisely the capture of the entire Baltic map (more than 100 territories), which means that it will be necessary to prepare for the long process of creating an empire.

Cities need to be developed and strengthened. Particular attention should be paid to the construction of forges. They allow your troops to deal more damage. To calm the riots, it will be necessary to hire priests and spread the new faith. When capturing independent Russian settlements, it is best to turn them not into cities, but into castles. There are almost no riots in castles. Yes, and the built citadels can help to call for help the best knights of the kingdom. Focus on cavalry, not infantry. Powerful horse strikes destroy the enemy much better than the spears and blades of your foot soldiers. In addition, do not forget about the ranged soldiers. Archers and crossbowmen, and even better horse archers, will pave the way to victory at double the speed.

For the Teutons, it is best to immediately put Lithuania on its knees. Capture all the cities of the ill-fated pagans, spread Catholicism and immediately recruit new forces. Declare war on Novgorod and attack the insufferable boyars. For Lithuania, try to stay in alliance with the Russians and fiercely resist the insatiable Germans. Try to destroy the Golden Horde as a state. As Novgorod, in alliance with Lithuania, destroy the Teutonic strongholds and massacre. Do the same for all other factions, including Denmark. The order must be taken out first, otherwise it will grow. Remember: The Teutons are the most feared of all your opponents, unless, of course, you play as them. If your choice falls in the direction of the Order, then in the event of the conquest of Lithuania and Novgorod, your armies will no longer be stopped.

STAGE 3: Building an Empire

If you have fulfilled all the conditions of the first two stages, then it will be much easier. If you play as The Order, you have no choice but to completely eliminate all remaining states in the Baltics. After the destruction of Novgorod, Lithuania, Poland and Germany, do not think that you have already won. After all, Denmark also does not sleep and develops. Her huge armies will try to oppose your empire. But be aware: the Danes also have their weaknesses. Severe northern men love to use infantry and almost do not know equestrian craft. So use the knightly cavalry against them. Preferably, destroy everyone in the very first minutes with a powerful cavalry strike.

If you are playing for other factions, and if the Order has already been defeated, then get ready for fierce battles with your neighbors. Former allies will immediately declare war on you. For Lithuania, Novgorod and Poland, try to use cavalry and archers. Wear out the enemy with shelling and attacks from mounted archers. Then finish off the enemy with blades and axes. For Germany and Denmark, use knight cavalry, including artillery support. Don’t forget about the numerous mercenaries that can be summoned anywhere on the map. To create a solid economy, capture cities such as Riga, Revel, Konigsberg, Abo and Visby. This will help create an unprecedented level of income.

When playing as Denmark, it is not always necessary to destroy Norway. Before attacking the northern neighbors, it would be best to capture all of Sweden and Finland, including the islands. Then move troops to Norway and kill the local king. Then the script for creating the Kalmar Union will work, and many Norwegian warriors will become your allies. After establishing control over at least 50 provinces, your empire will become indestructible. Do not be afraid even of reports of the coming of the plague. The economy will develop rapidly, and soon your treasury will replenish with millions of florins. Next, capture all other regions on the map and receive a notification about the Great Glory of Kings. If the map is captured, the campaign ends.

unofficial addons

The Teutonic campaign is, of course, an interesting thing. But it’s still too simple. Despite the presence of many scripts and historical events, there is no total immersion in the atmosphere here. Over time, the campaign turns into a complete enslavement of peoples. The empire is rapidly developing and expanding. Armies multiply at breakneck speed. The economy is growing by leaps and bounds. By the end of the campaign, it becomes simply uninteresting to play.

Therefore, it is better to use mods and unofficial addons. There are many interesting designs for the Kingdoms Teutonic Campaign. Special attention should be paid to the DLV Teutonic Knights project, which adds a high level of realism to the campaign.

Don’t ignore Baltic Crusades, which adds a lot of new 3d models and units, and most importantly, Sweden to the main campaign. After all, it was the Swedes who were the main enemies of the famous Alexander Nevsky, and not the Danes. The mod gives you the opportunity to participate in the legendary battles of the time, such as the Battle of the Neva or the Battle of Lake Peipsi, and you can do this right in the campaign. There are also all sorts of unofficial additions from BagaturKhan that add new factions, a new economic system, or change the situation on the map.

teutonic mini modbaltic crusadesage of strife

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