MiHoYo Announces Patch 1.5 For Genshin Impact: Own Home, Ajdaha And New Characters

The day has finally come when miHoYo announced the next patch for Genshin Impact. Our regular readers are already familiar with some details. Also, we are currently recruiting for the beta test of patch 1.6. Now let’s talk about “In the Radiance of Jade”, that is what Patch 1.5 is called. At the moment, players have access to two regions out of seven: Mondsstadt and Li Yue. In version 1.5, we get to know better the characters’ characters, as well as their history. If you are a fan of Li Yue, the good news is that the adventures with Zhong Li will continue. Remember the meetings at Genshin Impact? So, prepare catchphrases for Noelle and Dione, because the developers will add meetings with them.

Let’s not forget about the new characters; the first of these is the 5-star Aeola. She has Cryo damage and a two-handed sword. Deals good AoE damage and also has interruption resistance. In addition to her, players will be able to pray to the 4-star Yan Fei. She has Pyro damage with catalyst. In contrast to the good characters, two enemies will appear. One of them is Azhdaha; he will act as the boss of the fourth dungeon of Punishment. He attacks with elements and changes the landscape of the battlefield. Once a week, players will receive rewards from it. Cryo Hypostasis has also appeared on Cold Dragon Ridge. It drops power-ups and materials for pumping heroes.

Also, players will acquire a personal home in Teivat. The “Teapot of serenity” will help them in this. There is a huge area with a main building that you can decorate to your liking. In terms of upgrades, the price of the first three rewards of the week from the Punishment dungeon has been reduced, and the friendship level gained has doubled in cooperative mode. Patch 1.5 for Genshin Impact will be released on April 28th.

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