MMORPG Dekaron M comes out tomorrow in South Korea, hardly anyone will notice the substitution

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Studio ThumbAge is going to launch the game Dekaron M. It is an isometric MMORPG, which in its pallor and nondescriptness resembles Bless Mobile. That is, we are pumping in “various locations”, not forgetting to press the auto-battle button. The emphasis, as always, is on sharpening items and large-scale PvP battles. The developers promise brutal gameplay and a dark fantasy setting.

As a reminder, the original Dekaron came out in a bearded 2005. Generally ThumbAge speaks about “adult MMORPG”, only the age rating is “12+”. The game will feature field bosses, special dungeons and a free market system that was no longer unique after the release of the original Black Desert in 2014. At the exit we have a Korean and soulless grindilka.

Dekaron M is out tomorrow for iOS and Android in South Korea. This is a shareware project with all that it implies. We are waiting for information about the global version. Pre-registration for iOS can be done via TapTap

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