MMORPG Re: Tree of Savior has entered the CBT stage, not everyone can participate

Publisher Nexon has started testing Re: Tree of Savior for Android in South Korea. Those who applied are eligible to participate.

Re: Tree of Savior is a mobile project for which another CBT has been launched. Participating are those who read our latest news, where we talked about applying. The game offers 5 classes with Nintendo 3DS-level graphics. You can customize your character and run around pretty colorful locations with 60 FPS. The story is told through cut scenes on the game engine and text dialogues.

In Re: Tree of Savior, corridor locations and real-time skirmishes – isometric locations and interface will clearly remind you of mobile MMOs. By the way, if you participated in previous beta tests of Re: Tree of Savior, you will receive an invitation automatically. The developers promise more than 200 different monsters and bosses, as well as gacha to call rare characters to your team. I am glad that the plot has already been translated into English – there is hope for a global version.

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