NetEase Games’ Infinite Lagrange Guide for Beginners: Ships, Outpost, Resources and More

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After the release of EVE Echoes, Chinese publisher NetEase Games released Infinite Lagrange. We will not figure out which felt-tip pen tastes better. Instead, we’ll figure out how to properly level up in Infinite Lagrange, which ships to choose, what you need to know about the outpost, and much more.

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General tips for Infinite Lagrange

As in the famous EVE, here players can write their own unique destiny. This means that they have many roles available: the head of the clan, the commander of the legion, or the head of the enterprise. This means that you need to give good equipment and ships to your people, and take risks only when it is justified.

Infinite Lagrange Base Building

The outpost is your second home. There you can control ships, build them according to blueprints, update various buildings, and so on. It is from here that we send the fleet to extract resources and explore the distant corners of the universe. In the same place, we manage resources and even build protection for the Outpost from enemies. The higher the level of the Outpost, the more supplies can be stored there and the faster we make various sweets.

Also, if you need to build something faster, then you need to save up for “Accelerators”. Building spaceships is similar to Tetris. You see, the Outpost has a limited docking area for ships. And the longer and wider it is, the less room there will be for others. Well, in order not to get confused, here are the available “areas” in your Outpost:

  • Resource management – here we produce and collect some resources
  • Base defense – set firepower and defensive spacecraft
  • Ship management – space for storing ships
  • Ship production – a place to create ships and produce tasty treats

Explore maps in Infinite Lagrange

To properly explore galaxies, you need to know about the types of teams for your fleet. Let’s get acquainted with them in more detail:

  • Translate – we move the fleet to a certain place within the area of ​​operation
  • View – turn on a more “majestic view” of outer space
  • Secondary translation – we give the order to transfer, attack or guard as soon as the fleet reaches the area of ​​operation
  • Attack – choose the enemy fleet and rush into battle
  • Retreat – return the fleet to the linked object
  • Strengthen – we send reinforcements to the active fleet from ships in the port
  • Guard – we put the fleet on the protection of a section of space. If the enemy flies by, then your ships will start an attack
  • To mine – we instruct the fleet to fly between the Outpost and the place of resource extraction

Ships in Infinite Lagrange

The following ships are available to us in the shipyard (at the start):

  • FG300 – multipurpose frigate. Basic unit for battles
  • X8 – small service ship. He collects resources from nearby blocks

The fleet is formed from ships that are in the port. In order not to bother too much, while sending the guys “to the showdown” we simply tap on the button “Fast order of battle”. If you are afraid that they will be destroyed, then the developers help a little: you have a chance that they will return to the base after the HP drops to zero. Well, do not forget about the repair of ships: there is an automatic one, and there is a fast one. The latter option uses prefab modules to instantly restore the HP of the fleet.

Resources in Infinite Lagrange

The most popular resource is metal. It is needed to build structures at the base. It is mined in areas of accumulation of cosmic dust or metal asteroid belts. Then there are crystals; they are needed to service the ships. The mining is the same as for metal, only look for a cluster of crystal belts.

If you want cool ships, deuterium is your best friend. With its help, we create high-speed ships and ships with great firepower. You can spend uEcoin on the black market. To obtain it, you need to create a normal or advanced living module of the Outpost.

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