New class Dark Elf appeared in MMORPG Lineage W

NCSOFT has released a major update 2nd Episode: Dark Elf for the mobile MMORPG Lineage W. Along with it, a new Dark Elf class has become available, which can deal high damage to a single target, become invisible, increase movement speed and much more. He can use the following weapons: Bow, Dagger, One-Handed Sword, Dual Blades and Claws – the last two are new.

The developers also added a class change system, 15 new armors, 3 new character creation slots, and made a lot of gameplay changes. Not without the launch of various events in honor of the release of the update, which will allow you to receive many rewards.

Below you will find the Dark Elf story trailer and the official video guide dedicated to this class.

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