‘No longer Made in China’: Apple is going to stop making iPhones in China

After a protracted coronavirus pandemic and a disruption in the supply of devices, Apple decided to transfer its production from China to other countries.

“Assembled in China” or “Assembled in China” is a small inscription on the back of the iPhone, which may soon become part of the story. The fact is that the IT giant from Cupertino is going to move the production of its devices to India and Vietnam. They will probably have to pay workers less money, and they will not be banned from going to work for a long time.

Previously, Apple produced up to 90% of its devices in China, and a small part in India and Vietnam. If this information is true, then other manufacturers may follow the example of this company. At least we are talking about Western firms that, in the light of recent events and the neutral status of China, have decided to refuse to invest in this country. Recall that such statements may affect the availability of Apple services in the Middle Kingdom – after all, the App Store is one of – if not the only – foreign market, which Google could not do.

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