Northgard Developers Hear Fan Requests

Publisher Playdigious has announced that multiplayer will be coming to Northgard. This will happen at the end of September. It turns out that the developers have heard the indignation of mobile gamers.

Northgard is a viking strategy game that was recently ported to Android. Gamers immediately began to resent the high prices for DLC, as well as the lack of multiplayer. Even then, Playdigious promised that the prices for add-ons would be reduced to 99 rubles, and online elements would be added in the future. That day will come soon: the publisher announced that September 29th multiplayer is coming to Northgard.

It turns out that gamers will be able to participate in modes such as Duel, Every man for himself and Team play. Now they can capture uncharted territories against bots. And along with the DLC, you can get different Viking clans under the command. Some, for example, forge cool artifacts, while others sacrifice slaves to the Gods to get buffs.

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By the way, now Northgard’s rating has become stable – 4.1 stars out of 5 on Google Play. Gamers note that after the updates, the FPS has become much better, while they recommend a tablet for comfortable gameplay.

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