Perfect World Entertainment MMORPG Fantasy New Jade Dynasty Released In China

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The publisher of Perfect World Entertainment has released another mobile game in the Middle Kingdom – Fantasy New Jade Dynasty. This is a MMORPG with a large number of classes without the ability to change gender. The graphics look cool, it’s probably Unreal Engine 4. We create the character according to presets, as a result, a typical representative of Asian countries will still be released. As it should be, the movement is automatic, the dialogues are voiced. There are small cut-scenes on the game engine, as was the case in Blade & Soul Revolution. Plus, there are QTE moments in these videos.

In general, the project looks at a high level and it is clear that the publisher has invested a lot of money at least in starting locations and training. Especially the location with a transparent floor that reflects the starry sky delivers.

Fantasy New Jade Dynasty is already available on iOS and Android in China. This is a shareware project with all that it implies. You can download on Android through TapTap… There is no information about the global version. The entrance is probably done through Chinese messengers, there are no guest accounts.

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