PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Inventory: Categories, Capacity, and Item Levels

image2 50 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Inventory: Categories, Capacity, and Item Levels

The equipment in BattleUns PlayerUnknown is extensive and consists of several types of items. Each item is assigned a capacity, and some are further classified by tier. All this necessitates a detailed acquaintance with the rules of equipment management.


  • Weapons – hand-to-hand, throwing.
  • Attachments for weapons – any additional equipment that increases the statistics of weapons (flasks, magazines, silencers).
  • Items that affect armor – provide additional protection against injury (vests and helmets).
  • Clothes – clothes that do not change the statistics of the character, they only serve to change the appearance.
  • Items that affect equipment capacity – more items can be carried (backpack and tool belt).
  • Disposable items – first-aid kits, bandages, and an increase in the speed of movement of characters (energy drinks, painkillers). After use, they disappear from the backpack.

Item capacity

How much you can carry with you depends on your skills. Hovering over an element will display a window with detailed information. In the lower right corner of the window, you can check how much capacity an item in your inventory takes.

The yellow value indicates the item’s capacity value and the capacity status bar.

If the space of the next item exceeds the capacity of the backpack, a message will be displayed on the screen informing you that it is not possible to add another item. In the inventory menu, on the right side of the list of items in your backpack, there is a panel that informs you about the status of the capacity of the things you carry with you. Once it’s full, you won’t be able to add another item lying on the ground to your inventory.

Item levels

Objects such as a helmet, vest, and backpack are classified on a scale of 1 to 3. The first level is the worst object, the third is the best. The higher the item level, the more things you can carry, and a helmet and vest will better protect you from injury.


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