Playing Games Can Help You Get Better at Logic

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Why are logic games important? They can encourage self-initiated learning and also teach students to solve problems collectively. Logic games help students to explore the practical application of math skills in a format they enjoy. They can learn without feeling the pressure of grades or examinations.

Star Dash Studios: Runner Game

Star Dash Studios offers a free game young adults can use on their smartphones so they can see everyday logic in vocational settings. It will help those who struggle to see the relevance of logic in their daily lives. The game takes place on a movie set. The player is a runner and has to complete missions set by the crew. These involve using logic to rise up the ranks from runner to producer. Players collect coins and help the crew to complete a to-do list. 

Calculus problems with solutions

Students getting an education and having to write assignments often have difficulty with college calculus problems. It helps if they can get their hands on as many problems and exercises as they can find so they can practice. In order to have more time to study such tasks, a college essay editing service will help you with writing assignments. Such writing services will come in handy if you want to pay more attention to exact sciences and logical tasks.

Prodigy: Free video game

Prodigy is a free video game aligned with the logic curriculum that reinforces essential hard skills. It takes elements from games like Pokemon. Players must compete against in-game characters in math duels. They have to answer sets of questions to win. Teachers can customize questions and adjust content to address the issues of different students. When playing educational video games, students aren’t even aware that they are learning. 

Legends of Learning: Properties of operation math games

In a series of properties of logic games, students learn how to apply properties of operations. Teachers can sign up for an account that allows them free access to games. They can create playlists of games and assignments for students and track their progress. The games are research-driven and curriculum based. There are over 2,000 fun task and definitely science games. They cover more than 350 learning objectives. The games increase engagement, comprehension and test performance. 

NASA: Exploring space through math

NASA’s math series has activities for geometry, algebra and pre-calculus within the context of space exploration. It exposes students to the options in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM fields). Students work in teams to accomplish tasks. 

Math at Work

In an episode of Math at Work, students can find out more about the key roles that logic plays in athletics. Much of sports-related logic involves measuring speed, distance, calories, etc. The episode takes place before the 2020 Summer Olympic Games and is hosted by a three-time Olympian in Track and Field. It spotlights three student-athletes who meet Olympians who show them how they use games to do what they do best. HMH also offers various activities, such as Javelin Analysis, where students analyze videos of Javelin throws and graph the relationship between the distance and angle. 

Math Riddles

Math Riddles offers free brain games prepared with an IQ test approach. The logical puzzles help users to improve their focus and stretch their minds. Daily puzzles, leaderboards and other competitive features help to keep users engaged. 

For adults who enjoy riddles, Reader’s Digest offers 16 math riddles that only the smartest people will be able to solve. They are ranked from easy to hard, and the last ones are real head-scratchers. Those who manage to solve these riddles will have to combine logic and creative problem-solving, skills that are in great demand today.  


Game-based learning provides students with the type of learning environment that they prefer to a traditional classroom. It allows them to develop logic skills in a stress-free way. It also helps to equip them with the skills they need in the workforce today.

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