Starting with the third part of Devil May Cry, Capcom developers have a tradition of re-releasing the game with a small amount of new content and without the possibility of an upgrade. Games had to be repurchased at full price, although the changes could easily fit into a paid add-on. With Devil May Cry 5, the situation was a little fairer. You can buy an additional character from the Special Edition, but for the rest of the improvements, alas, you will need a separate version on new consoles. Are they worth repurchasing the game – let’s try to figure it out in this review. We are grateful to Softclub for the provided key.

So, in December 2020, my long-awaited PlayStation 5 finally got to me. Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition was one of the first games to test the capabilities of the new generation (with the exception of the free Astro’s Playroom, of course). It was interesting to know how the developers implemented the Dualsence tricks and how the slasher was transformed with the introduction of ray tracing technology.

In this review, there will be no impressions about Devil May Cry 5 itself since the game was released almost two years ago. This article only talks about the innovations added to the Special Edition.

Graphics modes

Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition was released only on the new generation of consoles, bypassing even the PC. If ray tracing can still explain the refusal to release on PS4 and Xbox One, then why the developers decided not to share this technology with PC gamers is an open question. One way or another, the new version offers as many as four modes of operation (it will not work to turn everything on to the maximum):

  • 4K, 60 FPS
  • 4K, 30 FPS, ray tracing
  • 1080P, 60 FPS, ray tracing
  • Dynamic resolution, up to 120 FPS

Personally, I preferred the third option with 1080p, 60 FPS and ray tracing enabled, but only because I don’t have a 4K TV. If I had it, then I would certainly switch to the first mode from this list.

Ray tracing doesn’t really transform the graphics. That is, yes, if you turn on the comparison video, you will probably see a slight difference, but in the game itself, the changes are really noticeable only in a few places, and even then, if you stop and start looking closely. All in all, this is a nice additional graphics feature for 1080p TV owners, but those who can afford 4K are better off sticking with the resolution.

Dualsence capabilities

In almost every review on the PlayStation 5, many voiced concerns that developers might not take full advantage of their games’ Dualsence controller. These fears are not unfounded because if you look at the previous generation, a rather sad picture emerges. Although the Dualshock 4 stood out against the Xbox One controller’s background, its advantages were hardly visible where.

It’s been a while since the release of the PlayStation 5, and it’s not that bad at the moment. There are already several games with some Dualsence features available, and Capcom has tried to integrate them into Devil May Cry 5. Pressing L2 charges Nero’s sword, feeling trigger resistance and tactile recoil to feel certain weapons’ impact. Of course, this is not very impressive after passing Astro’s Playroom, but it still gives a ghostly hope that third-party developers will use at least some of the new gamepad’s capabilities in the future.

Download speed

What about the loading speed of Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition? She’s fast. Very fast! Levels are loaded in literally two seconds, and you get used to it so much that sometimes loading of three seconds, occurring from time to time, already seems long. On the PlayStation 4, by comparison, it took more than 20 seconds to wait. In general, Sony bragged about the power of its SSD for a reason.

New character – Verglion

The only innovation in the Special Edition, which is also available to regular version owners as a paid DLC, is a new character, Vergil. He was added to the third and fourth parts, and now you can play as his brother Dante in Devil May Cry 5.

The gameplay for Vergil is somewhat similar to the game for Dante and Nero. From the first, he has the ability to switch different types of weapons, and from the second – the ability to move directly to the enemy quickly. Also, this character has his own demonic form, improvements, and combo techniques.

You can complete the game as Vergil completely, but it is strongly recommended to do this only after completing the storyline in normal mode. The fact is that this character’s choice is just an option that allows you to walk through the plot locations. Do not count on some new plot parallel associated with Virgil, which better reveals his motives. However, this has already happened before in the series, so there was no need to hope for changes.

But what really got worse than Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition is the number of new heroes. Last time Capcom made us happy with three additional characters: the company added Trish, Lady, and, in fact, Virgil himself. For the fifth part, the developers decided to limit themselves to only one, which is really strange. The combat system for Lady and Trish is already ready, and they themselves appear in the game. I would like to have a choice this time too.

New modes

Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition introduces two new modes, which were already in the special edition of the fourth part: The Legendary Dark Knight and Turbo Mode. The first one represents another level of difficulty, while the second can be enabled via the settings.

The “Legendary Dark Knight” turns the game into a real Dynasty Warrior. There are many opponents … no … MUCH more, and their strength corresponds to the difficulty level of “Son of Sparta” (the third in a row). This is definitely not a mode to start with, but you can get a new and gratifying experience with it. The gameplay becomes very dynamic; the style level practically does not drop lower than “S,” and the demon’s scale fills up in literally a matter of seconds.

Turbo mode speeds up the gameplay by 20%. The characters move and attack faster, but so do the enemies, so you have to react a little better. With normal movement, the animations deteriorate a bit and look like you have increased the YouTube video’s speed. Fortunately, this does not apply to battles – they even look more impressive. However, it is not recommended to enable it from the outset, although it is possible. Firstly, multiplayer does not work with it (it is, of course, very conditional here, but still). Secondly, turbo mode turns off ray tracing.

In my rerun, I decided to cover as much new content at once as possible: I chose the character of Virgil and the difficulty level “The Legendary Dark Knight”, and also turned on the turbo mode. It’s a hell of a mix!


Almost all of the changes to Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition (except for those made possible by the PS5 and XSX features) are replayable. When playing for the first time, it’s better to forget about Virgil and the new modes to return to them after the end credits. If you have never played the fifth part, then there is no problem – take the special edition without hesitation. This is a great slasher that has gotten a bit better now. However, if you have already played the original edition, there is no sense in rushing to buy. Still, the changes do not pull to re-buy the game at full price, albeit for a new console.

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