Project Relic’s new Korean multiplayer soullike gameplay revealed

Korean indie studio Project Cloud Games, made up of nine developers, has unveiled a new gameplay video for the latest version of Project Relic.

In the fresh video, you can see a character named Yang, using a dual weapon, and the warrior hero Kamel. You can also see special effects, a new location and much more.

'Project Relic' Final Prototype Gameplay

Project Relic is a Massively Multiplayer RPG from the indie studio Project Cloud Games. The game takes place in the post-apocalypse, after the attack of mysterious monsters, nicknamed “Cruel”. Players can move to different locations, but at the same time pumping and collecting weapons do not have to. The developers promise the absence of a system of equipment and levels, and development is carried out by finding and using runes with relic stones. Project Relic from Project Cloud Games is slated for release around 2023 on PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC platforms.

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