PUBG Mobile adds Karakin map and improves gameplay, clowns laugh and swallow dust

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Tencent Mobile has decided to delight PUBG Mobile players by adding the Karakin map. If you miss Miramar, then it’s time to swallow the dust and sand again. The developers shared this not only through the teaser trailer, but also through Twitter… In addition to the new map, Panzerfaust was added to the game for tough showdowns and sticky explosives. Also, if the building has thin walls, then they can be shot (no campers and silent ninjas). Karakin card is designed for 64 players. Also on the map there are now purple zones in which you can save yourself from “random damage”. It is so huge that buildings will collapse.

At the end of March, Krafton shared stats on PUBG Mobile. It turned out that the project was downloaded 1 billion times. Now these numbers are even higher. Tencent is currently working on Undawn, which is a far cry from PUBG in genre.

If you believe the previous statement of the developers, then the Vikendi map will leave PUBG Mobile for a while. This was probably done so that the queue at Karakin was as short as possible. 2×2 map.

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