Quantum Break – Beginner Tips

Comparison of skills and upgrades

Quantum Break is different from other games in terms of your main character’s abilities. Your hero can control time to a certain extent and thus influence the combat and the plot itself. The following list shows all available skills.

Time Vision / Time Feeling

The first ability you unlock (Act I, part 2). Can only be used while standing still. This allows you to scan the surrounding area and label elements according to three colors:

  • Blue – weapons and ammunition,

  • Red – opponents

  • Yellow – secrets and interactive objects (explosive barrels, hooks, etc.)

In addition, this ability can be used to recreate events from the past (an element of the storyline). Chronon sources that can be used to improve your skills can also be found using Time Sense. When you are close to them (and Time Sense is active), you will see a small radar in the center of the screen.

The Time Vision ability can be upgraded three times:

  • Active Pulse (Cost – 1) – Using Time Dodge/Time Rush will allow you to briefly see enemies, just like using Time Vision.

  • Increased Threat Detection (Cost – 4) – Enemies are marked for a longer time.

  • Extended Range (Cost – 6) – Increases the scanning range.

Stop time

One of the abilities you acquire at the start of the game (Act I, part 2). You can use it to temporarily stop time – it creates a sphere that interferes with movement. Use Time Stop to immobilize enemies or stop objects that would normally prevent you from moving forward.

Immobilizing opponents, especially armor, will give you enough time to shoot. Your bullet will hit the target as soon as your temporary stop ends. Unfortunately, this ability is practically useless against white agents.

The Time Stop ability can be upgraded three times:

  • Increased Strength (cost – 1) – increases the durability of the created zone, allowing you to shoot more bullets at it. After the zone disappears, the bullets will fly towards the enemies.

  • Increased Size (Cost – 4) – Enlarges the bubble, allowing you to trap more enemies inside it.

  • Additional activation (cost – 6) – allows you to use up to three temporary stops at the same time.

Time Dodge

You will unlock Time Dodge in Act I, Part 3. This ability will allow you to dodge attacks with incredible speed. Use it to take cover in seconds or avoid grenades. Hitting an enemy in a hurry will knock him down (if he’s not wearing any armor) and thus make him an easy target. Use Time Dodge to get past obstacles.

The Time Dodge ability can be upgraded three times:

  • Increase Focus (Cost – 1) – Increases the duration of the Time Aim effect.

  • Maximum Focus (cost – 4) – Increases the duration of Focus Time even more.

  • Additional activation (cost – 6) – allows you to use the ability three times in a row.

Time Focus

You will unlock it at the same time as Time Dodge (Act I, Part 3). However, you can combine it with Time Run. The rule is simple: right before you finish running/dodging bullets – time will stop for a while and you will be able to defeat your opponents with less effort.

This ability is secondary. You can update it yourself in the Time Dodge tab. This ability does not appear in the list of abilities.

Shield of Time

You will acquire it at the end of Act I, Part 3. Upgrade it as soon as possible, as it can become a real life saver. Activate it to create a “bubble” that will protect you from bullets. The only downside is that you have to stand still – if you move away from your safe zone, it will disappear.

Time Shield will allow you to restore health, reload weapons and attack enemies from a safe position. Its durability is limited, so don’t use it in the middle of a battlefield. If your enemy is in your shield when you activate the ability, it will slow them down and knock them back slightly. Time Shield can also be used to immobilize dangerous elements of the surrounding area.

The Time Shield ability can be upgraded three times:

  • Recovery (cost – 1) – while in the Time Shield zone, you regenerate health faster.

  • Slow Time (cost – 4) – when the Time Shield is activated, time slows down.

  • Increased Strength (cost – 6) – The ability lasts longer and has an increased area of ​​effect.

time blast

You won’t be able to use it until Act II Part 1. Use this ability to charge and fire energy at a single target or group of enemies. Your projectile can slow down your opponents, but unlike Time Stop, it can deal serious damage. You can shoot from behind cover, and since it’s basically the only damage-dealing ability, it will be your primary means of attack. When playing on a low difficulty level, one projectile should destroy armored enemies.

The Time Blast ability can be upgraded twice:

  • Increased Explosion Radius (Cost – 2) – Increases the area of ​​effect of the ability.

  • Reduced Cooldown (Cost – 6) – Reduces the time it takes for the ability to be available again.

Time run

The last skill you will acquire in Act III, Part 1. Holding down the button responsible for activating the skill will allow you to run when everything around you slows down. You will only be able to work for a limited time. Use it to reach cover, avoid enemies, or move faster during your adventures.

You can use Time Focus at the end of your run to knock down unarmed opponents and avoid traps.

The Time Run ability can be upgraded twice:

  • Increase Focus (Cost 2) – Increases the duration of the Time Aim effect.

  • Multi-Takedown (cost – 6) – Knocking down enemies while running consumes less energy, allowing you to recover faster and use the ability more often.

Chronon sources

Chronon sources take the form of clouds of light.

Chronon sources are strictly related to your skills. These are white balls that hang in the air. To collect them, you need to keep the button pressed. Use them to improve your abilities and become even stronger. They are among the things to find and are marked on your timeline by other secrets in each level. There are 60 chronon sources in the game. Collect them all to develop your skills to the maximum and unlock Maximum Effort. Also, you need to find them all in order to complete 100% of the game.

Hidden objects are scattered throughout most of the levels, but you won’t see them without your special abilities. When you get within a dozen meters of one of them, the Time Vision icon will flash (if you’re using a pad, it will also vibrate). Activate the ability and the Well of Chronon will become visible. If you are not standing right in front of the hidden secret, you will see a small radar that will show you the way.


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