Reigns: Three Kingdoms will have multiplayer and combat system

Reigns: Three Kingdoms is a mobile game and exclusive to the Netflix ecosystem. The project is created by Devolver Digital, its release scheduled for November 29th purely for smartphones. As the name implies, Reigns: Three Kingdoms will tell about the last years of the Chinese Han Dynasty, a turbulent time, called in historiography “Three Kingdoms”.

As with other parts of Reigns, Three Kingdoms will offer random gameplay and hundreds of cards that will decide the fate of China and yours. But what’s more interesting is that the presence of a combat system and multiplayer. This has not happened before in the series, so get ready to put your governors against the enemy. The battles will take place in a turn-based format, each card will have 2 indicators – attack and health.

In general, the developers of Reigns: Three Kingdoms promise a lot of mini-games, so the combat system is not the only thing you have to do between solving government tasks. Players are told that they can complete the game in about 5 hours.

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