Remedy develops a cooperative action game in the Control universe – Condor

Finnish studio Remedy Entertainment is set to expand the Control universe with the release of a new multiplayer game. Together with publisher 505 Games, the team announced a co-op PvE action game called Condor that will tell new stories.

As the game director of the franchise Mikael Kasurinen noted, over the 25 years of the studio’s existence, they have always created single projects, but at the same time they have always been fans of multiplayer games. For example, during the development of Max Payne 2, employees often played Battlefield 1942, where they had their own small clan.

Mikael said he understands fans’ skepticism about multiplayer, but he believes in making a multiplayer game without sacrificing quality. Nevertheless, fans of the “single” will also not be left out and will receive another high-budget single project in the Control universe.

Both games are in early stages of development, and it will be a long time before we are shown gameplay footage for the first time.

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