Respawn Entertainment is working on original IP and hiring staff

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Edition Gamespot reports that Respawn Entertainment is working on a new game. These guys created the Titanfall franchise, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and the Apex Legends battle royale. Several developers at Respawn have confirmed that the new project is a completely original IP. This is the first time since the studio created Titanfall in 2014. The new game is at an early stage of development, with five people working on it so far. Respawn is looking for a sixth, a programmer; information about this appeared in Twitter one of the employees.

From the job description, it is clear that Respawn wants to create an adventure that will be active “until the death of the universe.” The focus will be on the gameplay and the enjoyment of it. Respawn promises no rework that has recently been tied to CD Projekt RED. The ideal candidate knows how to code in C or C ++, and also knows vector mathematics and linear algebra.

For more information on the vacancy of a programmer at Respawn, you can link… The studio has not yet revealed details regarding the name, platforms, timing, and so on.

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