Ronin Samurai from Inazuma Kaedehara Kazuha appeared in Genshin Impact

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The last Prayer with Kli in Genshin Impact has come to an end and has been replaced by another one in which you can unlock a new character named Kaedehara Kazuha. For 21 days, you have an increased chance of getting it from a special Prayer, after which it will be added to the standard one.

Kaedehara Kazuha is a samurai ronin originally from Inazuma who found refuge in the Southern Cross fleet in Li Yue. This Anemo is an offensive-type support character who fights with a one-handed weapon. His skills are capable of inflicting great massive damage, and the Dispel reaction allows you to increase the elemental damage of the rest of the squad. You can find a detailed description of the abilities in one of our previous news.

Below is a new trailer for Kazuhi, which tells the story of the character and shows his skills.

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