Slasher Land of Eno is available for pre-order on TapTap

Land of Eno will be another exclusive to the TapTap platform. The combat system looks good, but everything else is questionable.

Land of Eno is a mobile project that will appear on Android. If you believe Tap Tap, then the beta test was supposed to pass on February 4th, but since then not a single intelligible video with the gameplay has appeared on YouTube. So far, the game can only be judged by screenshots and a teaser on TapTap.

Land of Eno is made in the action genre with roguelike elements. In the video, a group of three heroes beat up skeletons and other evil spirits in locations with green grass, rocks, and dilapidated buildings. At the same time, the models of heroes are made in such a style, as if they were pharaohs from Ancient Egypt.

Most likely, the mobs are randomly generated, like the levels. The question is, will Land of Eno support multiplayer or will we fight alongside bots? So far, one thing is clear – the player pumps the level of the character and chooses a random buff to the stats. Also, sometimes you can meet bosses with swift attacks and a lot of HP. It will not do without gems that improve the attributes of equipment.

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