Sniper Elite V2 – General Tips

image3 69 Sniper Elite V2 - General Tips

Difficult level

The game has three difficulty levels: cadet, shooter and sniper. It is also possible to customize some user settings to your liking. On the lower difficulty, the enemies shoot worse and you also get some help in the form of a “ghost” that leaves a copy of your character in the place where the enemies have spotted you. In addition, the circles under the hero inform you about the discovery. While aiming, you can also mark enemies, so you can easily find them even at the highest zoom level.

The lower difficulty also doesn’t include gravity and wind, so wherever you shoot, that’s where the bullet will land. With the highest difficulty, the game becomes closer to reality. First of all, you can’t mark enemies, which makes killing multiple enemies at max magnification much harder. In addition, gravity comes into play – the higher and farther the enemy is, the higher you will have to shoot. If you’re in a higher position, the vertical adjustment shouldn’t be as big. The wind is the same – the stronger, the more vertical correction you need to make.

How to shoot

When playing at the maximum difficulty level, the distance from the target and the current wind strength are of great importance. There are some exceptions to this rule – if you are in a higher position than your enemy, you don’t need to adjust your aim so much. The same rules apply when the opponent is higher – the swing must be even higher.

When it comes to reading wind strength correctly – if the white pointer leans to the left, you need to pull the scope to the right. If the marker turns right, aim to the left of your target.

There are not many types of rifles in the game, although each of them has a slightly different scope. Over time, you will learn to estimate the distance from the enemy by comparing his size with the scale on the grid.

Below you will find some additional, fairly universal tips that every elite sniper should consider.

Check buildings and windows

You must learn to observe the roofs and windows of both neighboring buildings and others. Also keep in mind that some enemies only spawn in predetermined locations after you complete a certain part of the game, so the sniper can be found in previously empty areas.

Listen to the environment

Some missions will include a facilitation which will help you in exterminating enemies, as the sound of your shots can be drowned out by other sounds of the environment - Hints - Overall hints - Hints - Sniper Elite V2 Game Guide & Walkthrough

Some missions will include assists to help you eliminate enemies, as the sound of your shots may be drowned out by other environmental sounds. There are various types of these “silencers” – mostly you can face exploding bombs or other artillery attacks, but church bells and radio messages can also block the sound. Such a sound is also listed in the upper right corner, so you should not miss it. Sometimes in front of the bombs you can hear the characteristic drop whistle. If you shoot during this sound, no enemy will notice it. Finding a dead body is, of course, an exception.

Finding ammo

Another habit you should develop is looking for bodies, at least ones that you can easily get close to without being noticed while crouching. Even though you will encounter ammo boxes in the game, some fragments require you to use a lot of ammo – especially look out for the silenced pistol.

hide the bodies

Sometimes it’s worth dragging a dead soldier somewhere so that others don’t get alarmed. Keep in mind, though, that most of the time the soldiers try to find you on their own and don’t raise the alarm when they find a dead companion.

Place traps

In addition to the two types of grenades, you can also use other explosive materials in the game. Dynamite can be placed on a patrol route and detonated to kill a large group of enemies. Both a land mine and a tank mine are best for covering all the passages behind you so that no one bypasses you. One of the most useful “gadgets” is actually a simple stone – using it, you can send the enemy to a more suitable place (preferably to kill him later) or lure away from the door you need to go through.


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